1 the vampire princess

long time ago the human empire have always been in a war so many of the citizen and knights have died in the war... so the prince thought if he want to stop the war between the other country he decide to create a contract.... the prince succesfully stop the war using the contract he made for peace.."

his father always thinking why all their knights didn't come back until the night ...they go there in the fortress.... which is the vampire kingdom are in the fortress and none of the nights did not come back alive .

"every morning the king always thought that vampire are scary than a monster..."because it didn't let the knights escape on their kingdom every night they came in the fortress to search for the answer..

one day the prince ask his father that he want's to go with the knights to explore the fortress... but his father did not allowed it ..because its more dangerous than searching for a bear,.. but before the knights go in the fortress he ask one of the knights that he will go to them.

the knights left using a fast horse with armor.... and the prince follow them.. the knights don't have the rights to obey the prince word so they allow it to come.

meanwhile after they see the mountain "one of the knights called the prince.. "

prince edwin! ...said the knight like howling in the front of the prince..

why...?! prince edwin said with smile in his face..

the knights said to the prince that they see the vampire kingdom." after the knights finish preparing their swords and arrows one of the knight gave prince edwin a sword and a shield the knight gave him a thumbs-up

what is your name?...said prince edwin like a cool man..

I'm richard your majesty.. said the knight with honor"..

the knights continue to walk toward the kingdom after they reach the kingdom gate it's seem quite so the knights are aware of some danger in the way... the knights decide to use the bushes to hide ...

"richard are vampire live here in the fortress?? prince edwin said with curiosity on his face...

richard said.... if the vampire living in that old kingdom and they attack it all the vampire will be mad... and declare a war agains humans..

the knights and the prince saw two vampire carrying a bow with poison in the watch tower when the knights here a "mowl".. in their back they suprisingly didn't dodge the poisonous arrow...

sh#t" ..said richard after he get's stunned by the arrow and fell sleep...

before prince edwin dodge the arrow with his shield many vampire sorrounded him...

the vampire have great instinct before the vampire saw them... hiding in the bush all of the vampire sorrounded them so they will not escape"..

before prince edwin woke up he see his hand that have an chain and when prince edwin look around he see a beatiful girl her hair are yellow and her eyes are red before prince edwin ask the name of the girl it said..." what is your name?.. with bitter voice

I'm prince edwin he said with gentle voice...

okey...said the girl"

prince edwin ask the girl "what is your name?"

the girl didn't replied because she is blushing and the prince didn't see her face because of the darkness...

when the sun came up... prince edwin eyes and head wrapped by a cloth so he can't see anything...mean while prince edwin hear a sound in his hand and its feel vibrating but he did not mind it and continue to walk.."


the chain in his hand have gone by an instant the wind are blasting in his body and the warm of the sun.... when the hands let go of his body..." he fell on the ground and feel extremely pain...a minute ago some soldier see ....the prince lying down in the stone... the soldier run fast to get the prince to the village to make his wounds heal...

his wounds are not tough but it felt a little pain after he go in the castle he see his dad the king have a angry face in him and said edwin come hear!! prince edwin go in the front of the king and kneel down toward the king for respect the king ask him why he go in the fortress the king are so angry to him.. like he want's to kill his own son...

after some explanation of the prince...the king face smile for a while and said "I was glad to see you safe..." after a while prince edwin go to his own room and fell sleep on the bed with smooth and soft blanket..

and when he woke up he remember the girl on the fortress... before the prince go on the door he hear a sound knocking the door of his room when he open the door the the maid shouted on him... that the meeting of all the king and prince are about to start...

the prince run fast... as he can to go in the meeting room.... after he see all of them he get some relief because.. "he see all are waiting for him to start the meeting.."

all of them discuss important things to prince edwin.. after the meeting finish prince edwin go to the village....in his way back he see a girl the girl seem familiar to him but he didn't mind it edwin ask the girl "Are you lost it's now dark?" edwin said... the girl ask him ..."what is your name? before edwin say his name the girl said are you prince edwin?.... without seeing the face of the girl... yep said prince edwin and then the

girl said "I don't have any home and family "..

wh-why...? edwin said he get a bit shock in his mind before asking the girl.."

they died in war... said the girl.

prince edwin feel her sadness....so he ask the girl ...what is your name again? the girl answer Im olivia.. before olivia say something... prince edwin ask olivia to go with him in the castle because it seems she don't have any family...

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