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The Hazbin Contract Killer


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Charlie, the owner of the happy hotel, gets a knock on the door and when she opens it she is greeted by a Hellhound and as he walks in Alastor. "Hello old friend." The man then looks up, and Charlie notices his eyes are completely black. "Hello Alastor." says the man in a deep tone, as he takes his hat off letting is hears breath. "Charlie this is a friend of mine, he is the embodiment of darkness also known as, Night, and he is a contract killer." Alastor pauses but charlie says nothing. "I have taken the liberty of preparing a room for him." Alastor then escorts this person to his room. Hey guys I'm making this story to celebrate that the maker of Hazbin hotel, has just entered a partnership with A24 Productions, I hope you enjoy the story and all characters and places, other than my OC belong to Vivienne Madrona. enjoy


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