8 The journey begins

I have to keep going if I want to go home.I should take some berries with me.Welp I guess I'm going to leave this feild.I walk past the field into the gigantic forest.Wow the tress are huge is that a squirrel.Is it small or just far away NEVER mind its huge.It looks like a normal squirrel except being huge.its twice the size then me uh I think it saw me its smiling.I did not know squirrels could smile uhhh its opening its mouth.It has so many teeth it looks like it has thousands oh teeth.I think i should run now uhhh its following me.I went to the area with the fairyes the squirrel is chasing me.Wait its backing away?The fairyes are getting closer to the the squirrel there....devouring the squirrel.They ate whole in only five minutes they said a little thank you to me.Is the reason they don't eat the other hamsters because there bait for other creatures.I wanna go home even more now.

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