12 food

We gotta keep running atleast I have the egg.We finally lost him I tell Silvia we should probably rest.After running it made me exhausted so I started making scramble eggs.I'll use leaves as plates and I can make scramble eggs with the fire coming out of me.It looks like its noon now the scramble eggs tasted kinda stale probably because we have no seasoning.Silvia seems like she liked it though I should get more food specialy if im going to be traveling with Silvia.There are some plums in that tree im going to go get some.I started climbing the tree but its kinda hard while being a hamster.I got a handful of plums now I should make a bag for the food.I climb down now what will I make into a bag there are some leaves and twigs I guess I'll use that.It seems like Silvia is sleeping now I'm going to try and make the bag now.Its definitely not the best bag but it will do im going to add a daisy to the bag.It looks better-ish now I'm going to store the plums and raspberries in it now where are the raspberries.Did Silvia eat them there is raspberry juice all over her face.I guess we only have plums now.

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