He could not still believe that he turned into a human. However he thinks that this is a good opportunity to prove to himself that no matter how hard the life is. He will gonna stand up for his father, his clan, and the castle.And he swear to himself that he will never gonna trust the human's again. Because for him to trust a person is important and a person that will have get close to him. Will definitely have to gain his trust.

As time pass by ......

The young Edward turned into a fine gentleman. However he works as a carpenter and a mason at such a young age in order to survive on his own. And to make a savings for himself in every work that he gets and once they payed the money to him. He saved some of the money for his own goal and that is to build his own castle. And the other money is he buy food to eat in order to survive in everyday living. And the reason why he works as a carpenter and a mason at such a young age. Because he want to learn on how to build a house or a castle. Because he planned to build his own castle in the exact location were the Black Dragon's Castle were once stands. And he will named the castle "EDDRA". Because "EDDRA" stands for EDWARD DRAGNEEL" his name.

And then as the time pass by........

And due to his hardwork he finally build his own castle day and night. And then the people in the town were shocked to see that there was a new build castle. And one of the people came out and said:

Who build that castle the old man asked.

And then Edward came out in the castle.

Hey, you young man, you build that castle all by yourself , don't you! the old man asked. Edward turned around and saw the old man that was talking to him and then answered: What If I build that castle is there something wrong with that.

And then the old man replied: No! there's wrong with that .But you have no right to build your castle there because that land is owned by the Black Dragon's Clan. But that clan is gone now and we will leave it an empty land there. For respect in the previous owner. Not until now.

Now that you have build your castle there.

And then for amoment later......

Edward answered him in rhyme: Exactly, Oh believed me, I have every right to build my castle there. If you have nothing to say old man then I will go now.

At first the old man didn't understand what Edward was saying. And then Edward go until he disappeared from sight of the old man. But later the old man thinks that when he first saw that young man. He sense that he is not an ordinary person.

to be continued in Monologue....

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