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ONCE UPON A TIME IN A FAR AWAY LAND There are two kingdom's that live's in harmony and peaceful life. One of the two kingdom's named EEDRA many people say in the kingdom of EEDRA that long ago the kingdom were once ruled by the most powerful and fearsome clan. And the clan is called the Black Dragon's. And the clan that called the Black Dragon's is living peacefully in the kingdom together with the human's. However there are people who couldn't accept the Black Dragon's. So they planned to burned the Black Dragon's Castle and the clan also. So after they burned the clan and the castle.The people that burned the castle and the clan was vanished completely but they didn't know that there was one and only survivor in the clan of Black Dragon's and that is Prince Edward. Prince Edward is the one and only survivor in the clan and he lived in the forest.At the time that the people burned the castle and his clan.He went to the forest and trained himself there because that is the order from his father. And his father said You need to train yourself and you need to learn on how to release or control the fire inside your body.And he didn't know that.That was the last time he could see his father because right after he went to the forest he turned around and see that the castle was burning together with his clan and his father. All he could do is shout and said "Father"............... And he promise to himself that he will become stronger and he will find the people that burned his castle and make them pay for what they did to his family especially to his father. However he didn't know that one night after he trained himself due to lack's of rest he fell asleep. And then the next morning when he wake up. He go to the river and wash himself but he found himself in the form of a human being. to be continued in SYNOPSIS 2...