4 Chapter 3: Finding Answers

I wake up to the sound of people outside, it's already noisy eh.

I sat up and look out the window. Man this was a high building, didn't expect it to be like this. I turned around because I heard the door open, I saw Alice walking towards the table and put the food in there. She look at me and she quietly leave my room.

I looked at the food walked up to it. This was good, the chef is a good cook then! This Pork Stew with Tamarind is so good. I looked outside to see Alice leaning it's back on the door again. I stare at her for a while, her brown hair being in ponytail today and her leather jacket kinda suits her.

"What are you looking at?"

She said without looking at me, This girl is so cold, what an odd one.

"Looking at the door obviously, since someone is blocking my view from here.."

I can feel her rolling her eyes, she just ignored me and continued to block the door, "Can't you leave me? Or you like being with me? Well too bad, I don't want a fan girl like you."

I could hear her scoffing outside, "Yeah yeah, I like guys who looks like monkeys like you."

This little witch, you're getting in my nerves. Just be lucky you know Carlos. Oh yeah, I gotta make her spit out some information about her and how the freak she knows Carlos.

I called her, no response. I called her again and clapped my hands. This little missy is really getting to my nerves. I called her again and again but she just ignored all of it. I walked up to her and tap her shoulders, as usual no response. I already loss my patience, I pulled her hair down. "What the flip?! What do you flipping want?!"

She yelled at me, I just stood there looking at her. She rolled her eyes and she fixed her ponytail, I looked at her with my eyes twitching. I grabbed the bars at the metal door hardly, "The freak? I've calling you for minutes by now!"

She looked at me and rolled her eyes again, and finished fixing her hair. You little witch. Just roll your eyes or else you won't be able to see with your eyes again

"What is it that you needed?"

I calmed my eyes at her and started to ask her about the things I wanted to know. Mostly about Carlos, unexpectedly she just stood there watching me as I speak, never cutting my words off.

"Well like I said, it's for me to know and for you to found out."

She said calmly and walked away. Damn, if I could only make her trust me, I would get a lot of information since I don't have Carlos to explain. I can also sell those information I got from her, I mean she's mysterious, everyone would want to know a lot about a famous child right?

As I fade away to my thoughts, she stood in front of me, holding some clothes. "What are you thinking?"

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"Well that's for me to know and for you to find out."

She shrugged her shoulders while rolling her eyes and walk up to me, she opened the door and gave the clothes to me. I took it and look at her, she said that I must follow her so I can take a bath and change.

"Hey Alice"

I called her and she slightly turn her head to me, "Who's clothes is this Alice? I mean, where did it come from?"

She turned her head in front as we walk.

"It's from Kenzaki, one of our comrade."

I said okay, the two of us were silent as we walk. Damn, it's so quiet except for the background chattering, I suddenly think and asked her about Carlos and her again. She only said that I must find it out on my own, this girl is really something, I'm really starting to wonder if this one's a girl. She isn't irritating, not giggling, she more like, a man. As I keep talking to her just to make her spit out she stopped walking and turn around to face me.

"Look Marco, you won't gain any words from me. I won't say anything and if you're just talking to me so you can have information about us and Carlos, you won't hear anything."

I shrugged and take her chin with my right hand, "Losing patience? Heh, be used to it since you're the one who's watching me," she slapped my hand off and start walking again. She really have trust issues, but I will make her say everything that I want to know.

After a few minutes she stopped walking and said that we're here, I shrugged my shoulder and walk inside. I'm shocked by what I see. Heck, I've always thought that the restrooms of jail prisoners was dirty but this is clean as white!

After a few minutes I walk out of the cubicle. Damn, the shirt were so fitted in my body, I can hardly breathe in this shirt but I don't have any clothes so I have to bare with it. I walk out of the bathroom and look around to find Alice. By the looks of it she's nowhere to be found heh, I can sneak into their Investigator's room to check her files.

As I walk in the second floor hallway I saw some of the girls staring at me, some were higgling while others were squealing. So pathetic, I hate this type of people, just because you're beautiful and you have a nice body they would already like you.

I stopped walking when I saw the Investigator's room, I look around to check if anyone is here. I quickly take my keycard from my hoodie from yesterday to open the door card, I flip in the door reader and wait for almost two minutes to unlock it since the keycard don't recognize the door card.

I walk inside as the door slowly close, I walk up to some shelves and start searching. After a few minutes, I found her file and opened it. As soon as I saw her picture I heard a voice.

"You really are stupid."

I looked at my back and I saw Alice leaning her back into the wall, How the flip did she get here fast?!

"Surprised? You must not be, and do you really think I wouldn't know what you're doing? I put a tracker in your clothes and I have an Alert room device to know if someone opened the doors."

This girl is really something. She walked up to me and stared at my eyes. Damn, her eyes where beautiful, it's like it's an ocean.

"Don't do that again"

I can feel her cold voice, she walked away and I just stood there, Dumbfounded. She stopped walking and turn around.

"Come on, let's go back to your cell. Or else I'll cuff your hands together and I'll drag you back."

I slowly walk beside her and we started walking. Damn, that was the second time in my life that a person looked so scary. I must be careful around her while finding answers.

Author's Notes:

Marco don't really like fitted clothes XD because he only likes hoodies. But he still have a good body even though he doesn't like fitted clothes. And I also wonder who Kenzaki is, or what really happened to Jackson. See you on the next chapter.

Ja ne~

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