3 Chapter 2: Girl Of Mystery

My back and head hurts, I feel numb. I hit the ground too hard that I even can't stand in a chair. Wait a chair?

Damn it! They tied me up to a chair! I guess I'm in a police station huh. And this is an Investigation room. Freak. Why do they have to tie me? I won't be able to escape here since I know that the police were scattered all over the place.

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"Already awake?"

I looked up to see a man with a woman leaning on the door with black gloves and black mask. The man have black hair fixed to the side and brown like eyes, starring at them would make you feel like your in front of a dead man. The woman have Brownish hair that goes below her shoulder, she also have blue eyes, which is kinda weird for a Filipino because Filipinos have brown or black eyes.

"You're such a sleepy one, did you know you've slept for almost have a day?," His voice was so cold, even though he have a black mask too, you can feel that he didn't have any emotions. The man crossed his arms in his chest.

"So? It's not like you can wake up a person who fainted by shouting at it's sleeping brain."

He sighed and walk over to the chair and sit. "You really are something, so tell me, why did you hack a lot of universities?"

He leaned back at the chair, the woman were staring at me fiercely, it's like she know what's happening or she's mad. Those investigators seems dangerous, it's like they have a dark secret surrounding them, much more the girl.

"Why do you want know? It's obvious isn't it?"

He raised an eyebrow and looked at me sarcastically. "What's obvious?," This man really want me to spit out heh, fine I'll play with you.

"I already told you, the reason is obvious, and I know you already check my files and Computers, I have nothing to s-"

I was cut off when the girl banged her hands on the table. "You'll say the truth or I'll give you a surprise?," She looked at me, piercing through my soul like she really have something that would surprise me.

"Oh really?," I snickered. "I wanna know what's that," She grinned at me and take her walkie talkie out of her pocket. "Take him here," she said coldly. I wonder who was that she's referring to? But it's a "he", wait is it...

I snapped out of my thoughts when I saw someone familiar, "Carlos?!" The girl looked back at me and looked like she smiled.

"What the heck did you do to him?!" She laughed.

"Why would I do something to Carlos? It's not like I don't know him you know." she said sarcastically.


I looked at her confusingly, she know Carlos? But how though, I'm always with Carlos whenever he's going out, he always share his secrets and problem to me. So how is that possible that Carlos know this girl?

"He didn't say anything about me? That's horrible Carlos. Well to be honest though, you didn't even saw me in real life right Carlos?," Who is this girl? She know a lot of things.

"Who are you Little Missy? How did you know Carlos?," She looked at me amused.

"You really don't know huh, but I must reveal my name, it's bad to keep talking without my name right?," She looked at me fiercely, you can feel her smiling like she won a war.

"I'm Alice Hart, the girl you've been looking for all this time,"

I sensed that started to grin at me, so she really is what I was thinking she was. All these months that I've looking for this girl. Who knows that I would only meet her here. Damn it, and it seems like she know Carlos.

"You didn't answer my other question, how did you meet Carlos?," She raised an eyebrow and snickered at me. "That's for me to know and for you to found out," She crosses her arms on her chest.

"But anyways, you have a crime, it's a cybercrime you know? Hacking Schools without permission is against the Human Act of 2007 and Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, officially recorded as Republic Act No. 10175."

I know that idiot, you don't have to say it girl. The man coughed suddenly and spoke.

"But we have a problem, the police team lack programmers and hackers, the programmers and hackers we have were low types and you were a good hacker, we wouldn't want that go to waste."

The Alice started to speak and said that they want me to be part of the team, of course they would watch me but when they were satisfied that I can really be reliable, they would take me. Sounds fun right? Let's have a little game first since I'm not the type to give up.

"Sure, watch me closely then, I don't really care," I shrugged and look at Carlos. Man, you've got a lot of things to explain.

After checking and validating some things they all left except for the girl that was sitting in the chair connected to the wall. She walked up to me and untie me, I was shocked and stare at her. She suddenly looked at me and connected her two brows in irritation.

"What? You wanna stay in here? You want this to be your room?," She said, not willing to take off her connected brows face at me.

"Follow me."

She started to walk and I followed her, the Police Headquarters were kinda big huh. I looked down to see the police on guard everywhere. She stopped walking and opened an isolation room.

"Get inside, that's your room."

She said coldly to me, the room is composed of a bed, a table and a chair on the side and a window. The door on my back were closed and she stood there with her back leaning in it.

"What are you doing?"

She moved her head a little bit to see me and faced the front again.

"Guarding you."

This people were so cold, just like that man. It's like that they don't have any emotions! Their voices were so cold.

"Why are you guarding me? Aren't you the only heir of the Hart Familia? Why not go back home and change into your dress?"

She suddenly chuckled turn around to look at me, she scoffed at me and face palms.

"I may be a woman but I don't do what they do, I have my own life. Dresses aren't for me you know. I'm not a trust fund girl you know."

She turned around and leaned her back again. Damn, this girl is different, I thought she's a gentle and genuine girl like other rich girls who likes a lot of things. This girl really is mysterious.

This is gonna be a long week.


Author's Notes:

What makes Alice mysterious? Do you think she'll even like dresses? Just kidding anyways, comment down what you think would happen in the next chapter!

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