2 Noise in the room

As our character walked lazily and angrily toward the center, a group of three young men were taken into the future by the arrogant boy.

Now Hiusy was getting very angry.

Hiusy was the heir son of the fifth billionaire in the world, which he was proud of.

But now there were four people in front of him who showed no respect for him. The group of four stared at Hiusy.

One of them even wore a patch on his eyes like a pirate. The other had unkempt pink hair and earrings in his ears.

He was about to explode when he saw a handsome young man on the sidelines.

Her eyes lit up ...

- Canaan! Canaan come and help me! These peasants must learn a lesson!

Kaname, who was watching everything with boredom, now looked confused at Hiusy.

But before he can even say anything, Hiusy pulls his hand and reaches him.

Now Canaan was disturbed to the extreme.

- We know each other ?

This was Kanaan's question as soon as Hiusy released his arm.

- Of course ! Don't you remember me? I'm Hiusy Jabuno. We met three years ago for your birthday.

Hiusy's eyes gleamed with hope, but Canaan's words disappointed him.

- Sorry, but I don't remember any trivial things. And even if we met, why do you act like we're friends?

Here Kanaan really wanted an answer. He didn't see why this stupid, arrogant guy was behaving like that.

- What are you talking about ? Isn't it normal for influential families to be friends?

Canaan looked confused at the Hiusy.

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- I don't want to be your friend.

His voice was amused. As if the mere fact of hearing the sentence amused him.

Hiusy froze. An idea crossed his mind and his face became mocking ...

- Oh. I forgot you're the black sheep of the Faley family. I wanted to give you a chance to be on the winning side, but it looks like you want to be on the side of the peasants. This is. I heard you were kicked out of the family. According to the way you dressed, he should have told me that, but I couldn't believe my ears.

Here he looked at Kanaan's clothes, which were normal, a black shirt and blue.

"I heard he kicked you out when you refused to become a soldier and because you frequented casinos too often ... Now listen here." I am Hiusy Jabuno and I will become the king of our generation! And I warn you peasants that this is not your place!

Now he looked around, gesturing to his friends and subordinates. Now they were heading for the four young men and Canaan. They all changed their mocking look into a serious one. They were ready to fight. But the handsome boy walking slowly towards Hiusy caught the eye of the five young men.

Antonio was now behind that boy, and his height was higher, so he looked down at him.

Hiusy ,felt a breath behind him. He also saw that everyone was looking behind him, so he turned.

He was amazed. Behind him was a very handsome young man. His height was perfect, his brown hair with blue eyes, they harmonized giving the tint of an angel, but the annoyed look on his face was too obvious.

After he finished noticing his face, and saw his normal clothes, Hiusy became disappointed. He hoped to find a friend and subordinate in college, but all the handsome guys now were peasants.

His thoughts were read throughout the room, and they lined up with the idiot Hiusy, who didn't know you had to dress normally when you came to college. On the one hand, Antonio raised his eyebrows at his thoughts.

But while she wanted to talk and make him aware of his stupidity, Hiusy started again ...

- Hey, you ! How dare you stop me? In fact, it seems that you are not far from this guy either. I don't see why some peasants would want to learn. What simple clothes you have! Hahaha ...

Antonio did not feel offended, because he was not the only rich child who chose to take normal clothes for college ....

He wore a simple shirt with black jeans. He had his first button open. He carried the backpack cool on one shoulder while the book was still in the other hand.

Not having the patience to listen to his murmurs, he opened his mouth:

"I'd like you to be quiet." I can't read my book. And fights like this are forbidden.

Antonio's bored gaze attracted the group of five people who were currently surrounded by Hiusy's men.

With these he returned to leave.

- Who do you think You Are ?! I am the son of the number five billionaire! I could buy your whole family! I will show you what it means for peasants to long for what is not theirs!

The Hiusy gripped Antonio's hand, trying to break his wrist, but Antonio reflexively grabbed his hand and turned it back.

A shout was heard across the room.

Antonio being super annoyed, he turns angrily to Hiusy, who was now on his knees holding his now broken wrist ...

- You don't have to wait for the results. I'm sure you failed. You are an idiot . And if you touch me again, I'll make you regret it.

The emotionless look in Antonio's eyes terrified everyone ...

- You-you ...


Then the door to the evaluation room opened.

The representative with the list of students who passed is now in the middle of the hall.

Reaching Antonio and Hiusy, he looked indifferently at the whole scene and then looked at Antonio.

- I apologize on behalf of the faculty, that this young man caused you problems.

- No problem.

He then turned to the four young men and Kanaan, bowing his head apologized again.

Hiusy, who didn't understand what was going on, wanted to talk, but then some school guards covered his mouth and grabbed his arms.

Dragging him around the room with all the young people who helped him.

Being now quiet in the hall, the representative and his two nurses sit on the small stage at the back of the hall.

- We will now announce the way the classes are.

here he stopped and looked over everyone present.

- This year there were six young people who broke all the scoring records ... But before that I have to remind you that our school only rewards merits. I hope that in the coming years you will show the world your full potential!