2 Open windows

I woke up the next day in a small white room. There was hardly anything inside but a TV and an ittybitty coffee table. Natalie was sitting on the side of the bed with her head resting near my legs. Next to her was a small baby carriage with baby Robby spindle asleep inside, he was so sweet. A spitting image of me, and happily not a trace of his father.

I tried to stand up, only to be met by a sharp pain in my head. (Lol there are two ppl fighting in the car nxt to me) My body winched and it seemed to wake Natalie.

"Good Morning, are you ok? I got a call from the hospital late last night. They said they found you on a back road. What they heck were you doing there in the middle of the night?"

"Thomas" I said remembering why I was driving so recklessly, all the memories were coming back.

"I was driving away from Thomas and my sister" I began sobbing,

"They were..they were"

"Hey it's ok, it fine, I promise what ever happened we can fix right? It's not like Thomas loves her" Natalie said trying to cheer me up, but it only made it worse.

"That's the issue Nat! He dose love her!" I said possibly crying harder than I was last night now that everything has sunk in.

"He, he loves her Nat." She trying her best to comfort me, although my crying just got louder and louder.

Natalie was whispering something in my ear, and was soon interrupted by Robby's wailing cry. In a flash Nat picked him up and placed him in my arms,

" Shh, there there Robby mamas here." I had finally calmed down a bit and Natalie took a step out side of the room for some air, I think.

"What the hell Thomas! Don't play dumb Margret is sitting in the Hospital because of you!" That was all I could here until she seemingly stormed down the hallway. I didn't care I needed to figure out what I was going to do about me and Robby. Natalie finally came back into the room, and I told her I wanted to leave my room. She gave me a strange look and shrugged,

"Guess a walk wouldn't hurt." She took my arm and rapped it around her neck and tried to pick me up.

"I need your help you idiot," she said laughing "I cant help you like this! Take on some of your own weight." She looked at me and I looked back at he my eyes filled with concern. I couldn't stand up.

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