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As the days go on have you ever wondered if there's is a Grim Reaper? Well the answer to that is

Much more what you would call unbelievable.

[In the Modern earth]

as a Serial killer was running from the streets running from what seems like a dark puff of smoke.

but to the eyes of the killer, it's something much scarier than anything he had ever


Killer: [Stay the hell away from me!] as he said frantically in a very scared voice.

as cackling laughter can be heard through the streets.

people from their beds awoke from this horrifying sound,

caring not for the voice the killer had run into an alley only to be blocked by a wall.

Knowing he was screwed, fear pierce through the very fiber of his being, he tried climbing the wall

using anything he can climb on, but as he turned around the black smoke was in front of him

the Killer fell behind his back, and he could feel cold wall on his bare shoulder.

as he stared at the center of the smoke a death glaring red eyes were staring at him.

as yellow hot liquid releases from his groin part, his body running down with sweat and other disgusting liquid and pleading [pl—-pls... spare me]

as I disperse the smoke around me a skeletal figure with a black tattered long robe, there was shown what was like two horn-like bones beside my head.

Grim Reaper: in a deep annoyed tone. [You... you dare ask for salvation after you have slaughtered the lives of countless innocent people.]

[I have long wanted to get out of this life but It's people like you the makes me reconsider putting down my scythe, but... Let me as you something just as I am about to kill you, have you ever consider to spare the one you have killed?]

Killer: [They... They harassed me, embarrassed me TORTURED ME! and YOU'RE TELLING I SHOULD'VE CONSIDERED SPARING THOSE BASTARDS!?]he said as if he lost his mind.

With utter Disgust, I said [i'll never understand... but you Human's are a Vile and Disgusting Creature to me.]

With that sentence, a Black Scythe appeared in the skeleton's hand, as he lifted it up and swung it down into the killer.

as morning came a person discovered the disembodied corpse of the what used to be the serial killer,

in the scene was blood was splattered everywhere and it's seem's that he was given a quick death,

as people wondered what happened no one will truly know.

in the darkest pits of hell where tortured souls are being punished with no rest a Grim reaper was sitting in a bone-like structure of a throne.

Grim Reaper: in boredom, I heave a sigh [Nothing interesting is happening yet again in this boring immortal life.] as I said that, I pulled a string like cloth that connected to a chamber,

where the recent person I reaped/Killed is being tortured, as I pulled the string a decent amount of lava was flooding into the chamber where a Man was Screaming in pain.

Killer: Screaming in agony as the lava was burning from the inside out

[PLEASE KILL ME ALREADY!] as he whines about wanting all of it to end.

Grim Reaper: [Hmph... Not even seeing people in agony entertains me.] as a said it in a monochromic tone

[But. I'm afraid I'll be torturing you for the rest of eternity as for I am the Reaper of the souls, and The Cleanser of wicked souls like yours until I decimate each every last being of your Vile Souls...]

saying that I teleported to another part of hell.

Grim Reaper: [As I thought the limbo is still the quietest part of hell.] as I lay down on none and closed my eyes, only to think about some things like.

'Why did I even exist in the first place' and 'is there another purpose for me', I kept thinking and thinking only to be disrupted by a blinding light.

I opened my eyes and saw a goddess-like being she was descending in front of when the light disappeared,

I saw a White-haired woman with the look of a fair young maiden standing in front of me with but with extreme caution I asked.

Grim Reaper: [Who are you?] I asked with utmost carefulness as my senses were telling me that this person... no, this being is dangerous but, I was soon immediately baffled by what I heard next.

Viritia: [Oh nice to meet you!] she said with cheerfulness.

(umm... what's your name] she asked confusingly.

Grim Reaper: I was baffled by her response but i quickly regain my composure and said.

[I have not been given a name but a human once gave me a name but...]

as I said those early painful memories of mine resurface from my mind, as my sockets glow red to complete darkness and with complete sadness, I said in a low voice [it's Xavier...]

Viritia: thinking she might have made me remembered some unpleasant memories [Ah... I'm sorry if I made you remember something bad...]. she said apologetically

the air around us got awkward very fast and knowing that,

i quickly redirect the conversation to something else.

Grim Reaper: [it does not matter what happened in the past is in the past, but rather who are you and what do you need here?] I asked.

Viritia: [ah! I'm Viritia I Am the Goddess of Creation in another Earth only the thing is it has magic rather than machinery and forgive me if this might sound selfish for someone you just met but i'll just say it.]

she said and breathes deeply... [Please I want You the Grim reaper of this world to Reincarnate into my world!]as she pointed at me with a smile.

Grim Reaper: I was Bewildered to hear her proposal my jaw was opened wide and yelled [Just wait, wait for a second why would you want an Incarnation of death like me to reincarnate in your world are you tricking me!?] as I said that in panic.

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Viritia:[Ehh no I'm not I just want to reincarnate you I've been watching you for a while now and I have chosen you to be the one I reincarnate to my world,]

Grim Reaper: [Well my thought are mixed up right now but might I ask if there's a Condition?]

Viritia: [umm what else uhh that's right I will reincarnate you but there are two conditions I will be giving you.] She said seriously as she pointed at me.

Grim Reaper: [Hold on.] I put my hand up. [Before you say the Conditions I've got a question, I wanna and what will happen to the cycle here once I'm gone.] I asked worriedly

Viritia:[ nothing much will change and nothing will affect this world much,

just a new incarnation of death will be born after you're gone not to mention the god of this world is really lazy.] she said with a dejected face.

[[Grim Reaper's POV]]

[i couldn't wrap my head around what she was saying but, I hated doing this job ever since I was born into this cycle but if I do leave here another one will just take all the responsibilities that I threw away...]

thinking that I was at a constant vote Of whether I'd accept or not I asked her now what are the conditions.

Viritia: [Oh it's quite easy ahem.] Clearing her voice. [One you must live to the fullest in this world and two! You must Help me Purify the evil and Corruption in my world it's the same as you're calling but you'll have the freedom you never had here.]

as I ponder it's not a bad deal but, I can't leave the one who'll replace me with no knowledge with

what their job is gonna be, I asked

Grim Reaper: [Would it be possible for you to come back in another day, I wanna leave something for my next kin to arrive here.]

Viritia: She smiled [ I see you were worried about the one who'll inherit your place, very well I will leave and come back tomorrow, Farewell for now.] as she said that she started ascending and disappears, with a flash of light.

Grim reaper: [Well I better Start now] as I chuckled and went to a place I could write,

In the book, I wrote what they should be careful with and what's the rules they were gonna follow after I'm gone. in a flash, a day passed by like a minute,

with the book done I left it in the seat of my throne and teleported to the limbo where the goddess Viritia was waiting for me.

Viritia: [are You ready?] she asked while smiling.

Grim Reaper: I nod [Umu.]. with that i walked towards her.

Viritia: as she raised her hand in front of me a golden light was glowing

[in my Name, I will Name you Xavier Vertia and I will gift you with 5 skills and my divine blessing.]

as she said that the light glowed more and she said. [Do you accept?]

Grim Reaper: in a grateful voice. [Yes gladly.]

as I touch the light I feel my body disintegrating,

as everything turned white and the last words I heard were.

[[Welcome to my World Xavier]]

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