1 light and dark

once upon a time they were 3 dimensions the human world and the spirits world they were both separated darkness against light the spirits could see each other on it was like looking through glass both light and dark spirits saw each other.

the evil spirts craved to be set free they and eventually they did they found a hole a portal to the human world they saw this and came into many people's dreams tortured humans in a state they call sleep paralysis.

the dark spirits rule earth inside the hearts of evil men while the light spirits are in the heart's of good men trying to save humanity while the dark spirits only want their doom.

now a dark spirt named adin is approaching a portal inside he see's a man which looks like he's inside a human's dream the dark spirt walks up to the human with a cynical voice and says "you are mine now" before the dark spirt grabs the human a bright light appeared in front of the man blocking adin from taking him.

a light spirt grabbed adin and the light spirt said "my name is zallen and im a spirt of the light leave this human alone u parasite"

then zallen throws adin out the portal out of the humans dream then zallen walks up to the human and touches his head and makes him forget what happened and then zallen replied "good thing i was here this time many of you humans aren't so lucky.

then zallen opens up a portal to the light world and flys through back to his world it's bright and beautiful there's beautiful blue oceans and big mountains and bizarre creatures beautiful Beast and Giants of all sorts.

the Spirit wolves roam the forest their white with a glow around them and they feed on energy of the pack happy feelings make them go gives them a boost.

and the gaints see zallen fly back and they could see him in the sky and with a loud voice the Giants screamed " zallen is back!!!" now running their giant stomps could be felt through out the forest.

as zallen lands he finds himself on the diamond bridge and zallen looks up at his Castle glowing beautifully then zallen walks to his Castle he walks through the doors and he rest at his throne.

zallen thinks about the thousands of years of him and adin his dark spirt army fighting back and forth he sits their.

zallen sheds a tear and replies "are we doomed to do this forever fight and not live in paradise in peace why can't we be only two dimensions who created the darkness what is our fate"

zallen cries for hours on his throne until another light spirt walked in and zallen said "what is it what do you need" and the spirit reptiled " we need you back to your normal self happy and not sad".

zallen repiles " i wanted to be one with the people i wanted to a warrior like you for a long time i was leader but i wanted to take on your role as a guardian do something useful protect humans it is tiring even for a spirit like me".

zallen then leaves to the Garden where a group of light spirits are watching humans then zallen tells them " if only they knew who was guiding them they would all go mad and make the dark spirits jobs easier"

then all a sudden a pack of spirit wolves came running towards zallen they stop the wolf leader replied " my Lord zallen a dark spirit has found his way in our world come quick we found him one of my brothers wounded him".

then zallen riding on top of the wolf to the woods where the dark spirit was and then as they continue through the forest fast as they can they find him on the ground buring not like on fire but their were little white dots on him he was hiding in the shade away from the light zallen saw him.

zallen screamed " come out coward!! u come on my world to bring harm and you hide then the dark being replied " haha it was so easy i never thought it would work"

then zallen picked up the dark spirit and said "how did u get here it's impossible to break the barrier between our worlds" then the dark spirt said " we performed a ritual they said it would either send Me here or kil me and it worked" then zallen put both his hand on his head.

and then he spoke these words " zar ga min tagun zimboom" and suddenly the dark spirt incinerated leaving nothing but black ashes only for the wind to blow away.

then zallen said " wolves go back and warn the other spirits about this i fear war will come" then zallen went off looking for the one who made him the ruler of this realm the all those thousands of years ago he stepped down to live in the light forest zallen then walking.

to the forest looking for the first ruler then zallen screams out " etika where are u i need you i cant do this alone the dark spirits found a way to our realm".

impossible" as etika replies when he floats to the ground where zallen is zallen replies " their here i would never lie to you" etika looks at him and replies " come with me i have to show u something it's the origin of our very existence".

zallen replied " impossible none of us no the origin not even you the great etika the one who ruled before me the wise one".

etika replies " don't to be to sure of your self it's outside our realms and may hold the key in defeating the dark spirits".

zallen replies " how do u know this we've been fighting the dark spirits and protecting the human race for thousands of years and suddenly we have a answer how? i wanana know take me their to where the orgin of the universe is."

etika responds " u see when a light spirt dies their energy is not wasted none of it we take that energy and make it apart of the universe what humans call stars u can see their light that's what left of them when human's look up their surrounded by them it's beautiful but i sinned i took the energy of my dying wife.

and i wanted to know what would happen if i absorbed her light then i had a visions of the very origins of the universe suddenly i saw a white light spawn from the dark void of nothingness and i heard voices from it millions talking i grabbed it.

and it was humans spirts light and dark it was like i was looking at the history of time and seeing our realms then the light orb started screaming i was scared i said "this is madness i could feel my wife's pain and the thousands of beings dying.

i screamed "stop this!!!!!" and suddenly the orb exploded and created everything i look around i see planets and suddenly thousands of orbs lit up the darkness they were stars then my vision stopped.

zallen replies "how can we stop the dark spirits u said u would show me the origin of the universe and how we could defeat them so how do we do it" etika replies "we need to merge light energy as much we can to destroy the dark spirits but their leader adin and his dark spirits are probably on their way here if one got through their will be more of them".

zallen responds " I'll get all the living creatures in this world to fight with me Giants and all sorts come with me etika our people will be happy to see your plan to bring peace to the universe .

etika replies " we need all the light spirits with my plan even if none of us survive our job is to protect the humans were selfless beings remember that brother zikn espin nolo gin pilo zinna that means I'll see you in the stars".

zallen laughing " i know what it means come on just because we taken on humanity's many languages doesn't mean i forgot ours etika it may take days to gather all the light spirits are u sure we can pull it off what if our plan doesn't work".

etika looking at zallen responds "it's gonna work light always overcomes darkness they caused enough suffering in the human's life in their nightmares and everything we can't destroy all the evil but we will not let them destroy and possess another human life a wise human once said we rise by lifting others and we must lift the humans from the darkness".

zallen replies " I'll gather thr creatures and we'll defend the castle and you will gather all the light spirits throughout earth and everywhere else they might be.

and zallen screamed this words to gather all the creatures of the world " mala cobo zeen nala gree boooooooo!!!!" and suddenly u could feel the ground quake and suddenly Giants started running out even hundreds of light wolves and from the flying to the ground dwelling creature you heard all the Howl's from the wolves and the roars from the Giants.

and suddenly we could see the light wall crack and bust open the darkness has arrived u can see them armored up hooded with their demon looking beast adin the leader was in the front he told he troops to stay back adin and zallen met in the middle of the battlefield.

adin responds "good to see u again your world looks beautiful but it would look better on fire u wanna know how we broke the wall let's just say i had a vison". and zallen wide eyed and was thinking did etika and adin have the same vison.

and zallen looked at adin and responded "prepare for war the great war u always wanted".

and adin laughing and shouting " yes theirs that spirit that's the dark spirt in you i see you want revenge once i kill you I'll make it fast so u don't feel a thing when my dark blade stabs your bright heart after were done here this will make even more powerful then we will destroy the humans for good".

both zallen and adin walked back their troops and prepared for battle adin screamed out "charge!!!!! and the spirits and demon creatures came running while zallen and his forces kept the defense the light wolves growling ready to fight till death and the wolf leader said "until the end my brothers protect zallen until your last breath and then wolves went while out while everyone else kept the denfense zallen screaming "no this isn't the plan.

the wolves finnaly meet the army they all collide the wolves jumping up and biting the dark spirits of their demon beasts and the wolves fighting the beast blood being poored until every bite the spirts keeping stabbing the wolves killing them but more and more keep coming to avenge their wolf brothers and sisters it was looking bad so the wolves retreated the Giants came in and all screamed " for zallen!!!! kill these hooded creatures and demon beasts".

they punched the ground with their fits creating gaint quakes that knocked the dark spirits off their demon beasts the Giants punching them and squashing them with their fists when they hit the ground adin looking all around screamed " retreat!! I'll be back with more". and zallen looked at the Giants and said good job zallen looking at the all the creatures of the land behind him.

zallen replies " it's getting dark some of us should stay up they won't be back for awhile the Giants will keep watch if you hear any quakes you know what to do".

then zallen falls asleep tired of his day fighting then while asleep he dreams of walking into the dark spirit world he see's adin and him gathering his armies zallen says to himself is this a dream or the future of what's the come flying beasts dragons Horned creatures giant demons with gaint horns the most ugly of beasts of the entire worlds then suddenly zallen wakes up.

he see's flying dragon's burning the land and a circle of fire around the battlefield so none can escape and the horned demons Giants ramming their horns into the Giants defending zallen blood pours on the ground u can hear the Giants roars of pain zallen responds " oh etika u better get here soon" then a dark spirt runs at zallen then zallen shoots light beams out of his hands and blows the head off the dark spirt.

zallen then flying using his beams to strike the dragons out the sky then other light spirits form the castle flew to the sky to kill the dragons as the dragons fell from the sky it started raining and getting dark u could hear the thunder zallen looked up and lighting struck him he absorbed it and used on the Giant demons zallen struck them until they fell dead.

zallen gasping responded "their still coming I'm not gonna stop i won't let darkness conquer light I'll conquer the darkness!!!!" then zallen ran screaming shooting light beams as he's running towards adin ready to blast him away he gets shot in the shoulder with a dark arrow zallen scrambles for cover in zallen in shock in ah the pain was unreal he never felt it physical pain.

zallen says "so this is what it's like to be human ahhh it hurts."

zallen is being surrounded by dark spirits and zallen screams out " I'm ready how about you!!" as zallen was shooting his beams he feels a sharp pain a dark sword he could see it in front on him he elbowed the dark spirt and shot one more beam before falling dead zallen has died.

other light spirits gasp as their leader has fallen.

adin then leader of the dark spirits tells his troops to stop and then says " ha your leader is dead now if you listen some of you might live obey me or face death like your beloved leader for now on you put your faith in me and suddenly out no where etika and millions of other light spirits arrive.

etika looks down and see's his friend zallen dead on the ground etika sheds a tear and says "this for you zallen" and then he looks at adin and adin looks at etika and responds "why did u come back" and etika replies " because my family needed me" etika gathers all the lights spirits and they hold hands and eika absorbed zallens energy from his body and etika and all the light spirits repeat these words at the exact same time.

"makalla zden foom Calen zalden halo!!!!" all of a sudden their was this massives ball of energy that came out of all their chests and formed into one massive energy ball and then etika screamed "boom" then the ball of light of exploded the dark spirits turned to dust instantly etika looks around and responded " we're not all dead we did it!!!" all the light spirits cheered but etika in the back of his head was thinking about zallen his friend his brother and all the creatures who gave their lives.

etika replies "we did zallen we did it.

the end the humans are saved and now the 2 dimensions are now at peace since the 3rd dimension is empty and void.