The Great Minecraft Christmas Story Book

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The Great Minecraft Christmas Story


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Christmas is upon the OverWorld. The cookies and milk have been set out on tables. The Jolly Santa Claus himself begins his night once the last blockhead falls asleep. Upon departure from the North Pole, with his three Elf helpers sitting by his side, he encounters his worst nightmare yet...the Dark Elves. For thousands of years, they’ve only wanted one thing...the magic of Christmas. Flying on a black painted wooden sleigh of their own with vicious black wild wolves instead of friendly reindeer. They attack Santa’s sleigh, capturing all of the magical dust that makes it fly. Without it, his sleigh begins to fall out of the sky. Upon crash landing in the Snowy Tundra biome, Santa realizes that he won’t be able to deliver all of the presents to the children around the OverWorld. Luckily though, a small cottage is spotted nearby. Tying his reindeer up to a sturdy spruce tree, he sets off on a journey to save Christmas. When all hope seems lost, can two young blockheads save the OverWorld and Christmas? And most of all, can they stop the Dark Elves? Merry Christmas everyone! ❄️


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