The Great Mage is Ruining The World! Book

novel - Fantasy

The Great Mage is Ruining The World!


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Who knows that the egoist and narcissist prince had a powerful talent as a Mage? but he was doing it for unimportant reason. He didn't care about his victim, in fact he was not feeling guilty at all! Who could stop his idiocy before he create chaos? *** This was a world where magic was no longer considered special. Mages become clowns and a mere entertainment of the rich. There was no war, so they were no longer useful. Quentin wants to make the world remember and need the Mages again. He caused a stir and disaster but he felt that it was the right thing. Being the strongest, made him feel like he could do anything. Until a Hero, transmigrates to his world to stop his evil. But would Quentin give up that easily? *** Excerpt: "Gorilla! You perverted gorilla!" The old granny shouted while beating him with a wooden broom. "I am tainted! Now, who wants to marry me?!" Screamed a girl who was not beautiful at all. "I didn't do anything!" Igor shouted in frustration. "I don't even know where I am now!" "Don't play dumb, perverted gorilla! Let's be responsible! Marry my granddaughter!" "No way!" Igor used his athletic skills to dodge the old but nimble granny. "Ah no, he's not my type! Let's just force him to pay a lot of compensation money!" Said the crooked nosed girl cunningly. As he recalled, Igor participated in a marathon in Moscow. Somehow, he was hampered by roadworks and made a detour. Then he jumped over the fence and accidentally fell into a hole. He fainted and woke up in the ugly girl's room earlier. [Ding!] A digital screen suddenly appeared floating in front of him. [Welcome to dimension #6748] [Igor Gregovich, let's defeat the strongest Evil Mage and save the world!] *** I write from both perspective, the Hero and the villain. but i think you will like them both. You will find drama, action, a little romance and comedy in this story. Please encourage me to keep writing by adding this story to your collection.