1 Prologue

June 10th, 2021, the now legendary archeologist Alexander Davis was in Mexico studying Mayan ruins. While inside one temple, he discovered a hidden passageway leading deep underground. After walking down a flight of stairs for around 10 minutes, he finally ended up in front of an enormous and spacious room.

A strange glowing and poisonous looking green liquid was flowing through the various cracks on the walls and ground, lighting up the room with an ominous green radiance. The walls were lined with rows of bizarre statues with green glowing eyes, their gaze so deep that it almost seemed like they were staring into his soul, almost as if they were alive.

He shook his head and took a deep gulp of saliva in order to forget his fears. After thinking long and hard, he finally decided to suck it up and enter the room.

As he reached near the center, he noticed a glowing altar with a golden orb floating on top of it.

Alexander stood there in shock, admiring the beauty and grandeur of what he just witnessed. The sight was something no human would have ever imagined. The orb was floating in the air above the altar like some sort of magic was controlling it. It was tiny, only around the size of an egg, yet it shined extremely vigorously, giving off a magical-looking aura. One could not help but stop and admire its beauty.

After he stared at the orb for over two minutes, a drop of green liquid fell from the ceiling and landed on his head, which snapped him out of his daze.

To his surprise, the liquid was not poisonous at all. Rather, it made him feel energized and more powerful than he had ever felt before. It was like a liquid that gave energy. This made Alexander more curious about the origin of the liquid.

He noticed that all the liquid was being created from the strange orb on the altar, making him tiptoe towards it, stopping only when he was a few inches away.

He stood anxiously, pondering whether or not he should take the orb. Many ruins usually had multiple dangerous traps in order to protect their treasures.

After 5 minutes of contemplating, he finally decided to take it. He was only a rookie at the time after all and did not know any precautionary messures in such a situation. However, he did not want to run away, his life had been so miserable that his own survival no longer mattered. He left it all to god, if he took it and lived then he had been blessed, but if he died then all it meant was that it was never meant to be, and he would have lived a fulfilling life.

Alexander began sweating buckets, shivering like crazy. As his hands slowly approached the orb, they stopped a centimetre away from it. He took in a deep breath and screamed at the top of his lungs,

"Fuck it doood!"

As he quickly snatched it away from the altar, hoping for the best. Immediately after the orb left its previous position, now firmly in his grasp, it broke down into little glowing golden dust. Not too long after that, the entire room started shaking tremendously, like the room was going to collapse onto him.

Alexander looked around the room in a panic, trying his best to understand what was happening.

He noticed that all the green liquid on the ground and walls were moving towards the altar. Huge rocks fell from the ceiling as the room collapsed even further. Alexander frantically dodged all the falling rocks in order to survive with less than graceful moves, his eyes trembling in fear and shock as he thought that he was receiving divine punishment from god.

As he was running out of breath and was about to give up, he noticed that all the green liquid finally finished gathering at the center altar.

At that moment, the liquid evaporated into thin air and a green beam of light suddenly shot out of it, piercing through the roof of the temple and shot out into the sky.

Shortly after that, similar green beams of light were spotted all around the world. A total of 26 beams were spotted.

Alexander was standing there, out of breath, panting heavily after barely surviving the ordeal. He looked up into the sky and noticed green rain falling towards him.

This was the turning point for humanity.

After the green rain fell, everyone on earth noticed that they developed special superpowers. Some were unique, and some were generic. Powers only seen in fiction were now possible to be used in actual life.

The humans soon found the green beams to be an incredible power source. Each power source could more than easily power the current earth for thousands of years.

These fresh revelations ushered in the largest golden age humanity had ever experienced.

In order to maximize the gains from the new power sources, humanity decided on creating 26 new countries around them. Each country was named after a letter of the English alphabet from A to Z, a green protective bubble around one, separating the borders while also acting as a strong defensive shield.

Since all the beams of light were more than enough energy for a single nation to even use 1% of its capacity, wars over them did not start and humans banded together to fix many of the problems plaguing the entire world since its inception.

Technological advancements had a massive boom because of the newfound abilities and power sources. Inventions like Teleporters and Holograms were now a normal sight to see throughout the world.

Humanity was now also able to go to other planets due to the new warping technology. However, not so many other planets were colonized and only a few bases were set there.

Each person could only wield one ability, so once you get an ability there was no changing it. Some people were not able to automatically get an ability from the green rain so humanity developed special ability crystals called ability orbs that contained an existing ability.

These ability orbs allowed people with no abilities to learn the ability that was imbued inside the orb by absorbing it. This invention was very important because the newborns of the next generations were not born with new abilities.

They allowed families to pass down their abilities to their children, and it allowed people with no ability to buy a new one off the market.

Despite their tendencies becoming more and more negative and oppressive, them not noticing it ever since the green rain fell, humanity lived in peace, with not a single massive global issue occurring for a century.

But everything changed when the Shalkers attacked.

January 7th, 2121, a huge battalion of alien ships were spotted on top of a protective bubble outside of country Z. They were known as the Shalkers.

The Shalkers were an advanced humanoid alien race that were feared all around the Galaxy, their looks very similar to that of humans. They had a nearly identical size and body shape yet they had many distinguishing features in the form of their completely snow-white skin, their single horn that grows on the right side of their head, and the glowing red lines that were on their face.

According to the history books, the Shalkers came to earth after sensing an abnormally large power reading coming from the planet. This was because of the discovery of abilities. The Shalkers waged war on the humans because they felt like they were a threat due to their sudden influx in power.

The war stood at a standstill for over four years. There was clearly no winning side. The Shalkers were superior to humans in nearly every way. But even with all their advantages, they could not win the war. This was due to their lack of special abilities that humans possessed, which did not only allow them to use an ability but also boost their body strength as well.

Neither side was able to gain ground on one another. In the end, both sides agreed that this war was going nowhere and the war would have no clear winner. A treaty of peace was signed between humans and Shalkers on February 7th, 2125, which marked the end of the war.

This event left a big impact on humanity. Humankind lost nearly a billion soldiers during the war with the Shalkers. They fully understood that this peace treaty was only temporary and the war will eventually start again. Humanity became focused on military strength more than ever before.

This event unified all the humans into one new military force in order to prepare for the inevitable second war with the Shalkers.

A new era was then created. One's social standing completely depended on one's strength. Those with weak abilities were discriminated against and were forced into working in the worst of jobs. They were dispensable and insignificant in the eyes of the military and government.

A new society of the strong ruling the weak was born. Children were taught how to fight in schools from the age of 8. This was in order to well train the next generations in preparation for the impending war. Also, upon reaching 16 years of age, all children were forced to attend 2 years of military school.

Military school was the place that would decide one's future. It was a ruthless place that will determine who will become great and who will become trash. Where dreams can come true and where dreams can be crushed.

Moby Kane, a young abilityless boy, was now packing his bags, preparing to go to military school.

Will he survive?

or will he get eaten up by society?

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