58 New Team Part 2

"Now that the introductions are out of the way! Let's get ourselves ready! Everyone, wear all your magical equipment!" Natalia said with a smile.

"I don't have a storage ring so I will be changing in the change rooms. I'll be back in a sec!" Travis said, holding his bags and heading towards the boy's change room.

"Same here!" Jay said, following straight behind Travis.

"I'll be going as well…" Neia said with a bow and an awkward waddle towards the girl's change room.

"Heh, peasants," Haley scoffed as she equipped all her equipment using her ring with an elegant wave of the hand.

'Overdramatic much,' Moby inwardly cringed. 

Haley's equipment was fancy looking green and white leather armour along with a few areas of white metal that covered her chest along with every joint. For her weapon, she used a long wooden staff with what looked like some writing inscribed on it.

'All in all, she looks like the goblin queen,' Moby thought with a chuckle. 

Moby decided to hold off on wearing his equipment. He first wanted to wait and see the equipment of his other teammates before he wore his. Although his equipment looked like rags compared to Haley's, he wanted to see how it would compare looks-wise to his other teammates.

After only a few minutes of waiting, the rest of his teammates had came back, now wearing their magical equipment. 

The wait was pretty awkward. Natalia kept taking glances at Moby then immediately looking away pretending like she didn't notice. She seemed pretty proficient at it. If it weren't for Moby's enhanced senses, he would have definitely not noticed.

'Does she like me? I can't tell if she is looking at me as her crush or as her tasty steak dinner,' Moby thought.

Haley just stood in place, tapping her feet with impatience with an ugly scowl on her face.

"Wooo Hooo! We're finally back! Sorry if we're a little late. You won't believe how cramped it was in there! It was insane!" Travis said, with exaggerated hand movements and facial expressions. 

"I can second that, "Jay said, nodding in agreement. 

"Oh ya! Neia! Was the girl's change room just as crowded?" Travis asked.

"Ummm… Yea… I guess they were, "Neia replied in a shy voice.

"You guys probably won't believe this story but I'll tell you anyway! So, when I was in there I saw a HUUUGGEEE D…"

While the rest of his group was making small talk, Moby decided to use his inspect skill on every one of them to see how good their armour is, their exact stats and, if they lied about their abilities.

First, he chose to inspect Haley.


Name: Haley Morine 

Race: Human

Ability: Level 4 Healing

Power Level: 7,050 (6090 + 1010) 

Hp: 100/100 

Mana: 311 /311 

Strength: 70 (65 + 5) 

Agility: 121 (116 + 5) 

Endurance: 203 (162 + 41) 

Intelligence: 311 (261 + 50) 

Mind: 0(0 + 0) 


'A lot of intelligence and a decent amount of endurance. It makes sense since healer requires a large reserve of energy and are not required to have a lot of speed and power,' Moby thought.

Next was Jay, For his equipment, he wore standard steel and leather armour. Around his arms were a bunch of boxer wrappings around a leather glove with spikes coming out of every knuckle.


Name: Jay Truce 

Race: Human 

Ability: Level 3 Earth 

Power Level: 4200 (3540 + 660)

Hp: 100/100 

Mana: 88 /88 

Strength: 130 ( 93+ 38) 

Agility: 69 (74-5) 

Endurance: 133 ( 100 + 33)

Intelligence: 88 (88+0)

Mind: 0 (0 + 0)


'He seems like a slow tank build that can also dish out a lot of damage at the same time, His magical equipment actually lowers one of his stats (agility), Interesting… I never knew that was even possible.' Moby thought, taking a mental note.

The next person Moby decided to inspect was Travis.

He wore a set of black cloth-like armour. He had a long cloak that fell down past his knees. Around his arms were big metal gloves that covered up to his elbow. All, in all, his armour looked very similar to Moby except that his armour looked a lot fancier and was completely pitch black instead of the black with purple accents on Moby's armour.


Name: Travis Ligmus

Race: Human 

Ability: Level 4 Astral Bow

Power Level: 6,130 (5420 + 710)

Hp: 100/100 

Mana: 120 /120 

Strength: 212(190+ 22) 

Agility: 198 (162 + 36) 

Endurance: 83 ( 78 + 5)

Intelligence: 120 (112+ 8)

Mind: 0 (0 + 0)


'A glass canon long-range sniper who is able to relocate quickly due to his high agility. His low intelligence means that he will have a very limited amount of shots before he runs out. And his low endurance means that he can most likely be taken out with one or 2 hits,' Moby thought.

Next, is Neia, the shy girl.

For, her armour, she wore a fairly long white and blue dress that left a lot to the imagination. For her weapon, she had a long staff with what looked like a blue gemstone at the tip.


Name: Neia Spud

Race: Human 

Ability: Level 3 Enhancement

Power Level: 3,010 (2470 +570)

Hp: 100/100 

Mana: 183 /183 

Strength: 21 (21+0) 

Agility: 33 (33 + 0) 

Endurance: 68 ( 41+ 27)

Intelligence: 183 (153+ 30)

Mind: 0 (0 + 0)


'Damn, That's a lot of intelligence for someone with such a low power level. Her endurance is decent. However, her strength and agility are abysmal. It is a good thing since she will only be buffing the team so she won't be needing those stats. Her build is overall pretty decent for support,' Moby thought.

Moby had now inspected everyone on his team except for Natalia who has yet to put on her equipment. He noticed that all of his teammate's equipment looks much better than his, Giving himself the green light to put on his own.

In one swift motion, Moby took off his school uniform and replaced it with his demon crafted equipment.

As soon as he did, he noticed the stares of his teammates. They were either looking at him in disgust or ready to burst out in laughter. The only people that didn't were Natalia and Niea.

"Hah! That's your equipment?? Your power level did not even raise by a single point! You look like a hobo! You don't deserve that storage ring you got! You just got lucky! People like you honestly disgust me. Both weak and poor!" Haley exclaimed with a loud laugh.

Compared to Haley's armour, Moby's looked like no more than tattered cloth. Luckily, that was exactly what he was going for so he didn't mind the insult. It just further reassured him.

Suddenly, Natalia put on her magical armour as a dark, menacing aura came from her direction. Then, a distortion in the fabric of time and space could be seen around her.

Her equipment was a white and gold metallic suit of armour that tightly covered her body that gave off a magnificent aura. It was mostly white with few golden accents, a feathery pattern could be seen on the armour along with a lot of protruding spikes and feathers that came off her helmet, elbow, gauntlets, knee caps, and waist. A familiar-looking golden ring could be seen on her middle finger as well. 

Everyone within a 50-metre radius of her stopped everything they did and starred at Natalia, mouths wide open in awe.

She looked almost like a real angel. 

"I dare you to say that again bitch… Didn't I say that we were all going to get along," She said with a disturbingly wide grin.

"Umm… Ok… Whatever you say, team leader…" Haley said, trying to hide her inner fright with visible sweat running down her face.

"Good!" She said in a cheerful tone, looking at Moby with a visible blush, almost like nothing happened.

After seeing what just unfolded, Moby was in shock at a sudden realization. On the outside, Moby seemed fine. But, on the inside. He was having the biggest internal crisis imaginable.

When he tried to use his inspect skill on Natalia, all that would appear is…


Name: ?? 

Race: ?? 

Ability: ?? 

Power Level: ?? 

Hp: ?? 

Mana: ?? 

Strength: ?? 

Agility: ?? 

Endurance: ?? 

Intelligence: ?? 

Mind: ?? 


He then looked at her watch which displayed,

[ 15,220]

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'Wait… No fucking way… I've seen this scene before… Natalia Xane and that girl at the amusement park must be the same person. They have to be! That distortion in time and space, that familiar-looking golden ring was also the same one that was worn by that girl as well. And how she always looks at me trying to hide her blushes. It must be her!'

'Also! How the fuck is she so strong! She must have medium grade armour! Her power level went up from 7,380 to 15,220. That's an increase of 7840! That's medium grade armour! That must have cost a fortune! It is most likely her family treasure or something. Why would she wear it for a simple exam?!'

'Also, that ring... It was worn by that girl at the amusement park. That must be what is not allowing me to inspect her stats!' 

'Wait a sec… I know that Natalia likes me. That must mean that be that I was the boy that she claimed was her "man" and her "true love". She actually stalked me for who knows how long and even went as far as to disguise herself using an expensive magical ring as well as dye her hair.'

'That's… really disturbing… and creepy…'

'A crazy Yandere…'

'If that's the case. Does that mean that she has been abusing and tormenting Jayden every day for my sake? In an attempt to make her stop "torturing me…"'

'Has this all just been one big misunderstanding…'

'FUCK! IT'S ALL MY FAULT!' Moby thought. 

He felt like his brain is melting from the sudden realization of the truth.

'If I had told the truth and said that Jayden and I were friends, nothing like this would have happened. Jayden would not have had to suffer and endure Natalia's torment for so long.'

'But if I did that, I'm sure it would have attracted more trouble from even stronger students…'

'Is it really ok if I kill and torture her for just a simple misunderstanding?'

'Natalia did take it way too far, even nearly killing Jayden on some days. If it weren't for Jayden's demon regeneration, she would have been dead!'

'Why did Natalia even keep me being her crush a secret!'

'If she had told Jayden, none of this would have happened!'

'How will Jayden feel when she finds out the truth?'

'To find out that she endured over a month of constant pain and humiliation just for a simple misunderstanding…'

'Will she abandon me…'

'Should I tell her now…'

'I have to...'

'If I hold off on telling her or reserve the truth to myself, It will only make things even worse…'

'I might have messed up hard here. But, I'll be damned if I let this ruin my relationship with Jayden,' Moby thought, making up his mind and regaining some of his composure.

Moby took in a deep breath before he confronted her about what he just found out.

'Hey… Jayden… Sorry for the sudden interruption. But, I need to tell you something very important…' Moby said with a confident tone, opening a mind link between him and her.


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