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Moby read the system notifications once again to make sure he's not hallucinating.

'You Have Created a Demon Necromancer, ' He thought, reading the message once again in his head.

'Shouldn't it be "lesser demon necromancer"? Wait a second...' Moby thought in shock.

Suddenly, he heard Avilia start laughing in his head.

'I've never seen a demon turn someone into a demon that was more evolved than him! This is hilarious!' Avilia said, laughing in hysteria.

'It won't be for long! Now that I have a better XP income! I will be sure to surpass both my servants and evolve in no time! It's only been a week since I've gotten the system and I've already gotten this strong! And once I get a good ability, my power level will surely spike!' Moby said, trying his best to stay optimistic.

'That is true. Sorry for my earlier harsh words. To be honest, I never expected a weak human like your previous self to turn into such a fine demon in such a short period of time. I truly am proud of you! You have grown so much in only a week. I am looking forward to seeing your future endeavours,' Avilia said with the mental equivalent of a smile.

'I don't think I ever got the chance to properly thank you for everything you have done for me. If it weren't for you, I would have already killed myself long ago. And even if I didn't, I would be forced to live the rest of my life as a living nightmare, completely powerless to do anything to change it. Thanks to you, I actually do have the power to forge my own path in life. I am truly grateful,' Moby said in a serious tone.

'Stop it! You're making me blush!' Avilia said with a chuckle.

Suddenly, Moby noticed that the previously unconscious Abby started moving.

Moby quickly put on a serious face and stood in front of her with an imposing stature.

As she slowly opened her eyes, she saw Moby standing in front of her with arms crossed.

"Congratulations! You are now a demon! To be exact, you are now a demon necromancer. I will introduce myself to you once again. But this time…"

Suddenly, a waterfall of tears started to run down Abby's face. She started crying very loudly like a baby.

At first, Moby thought that it was because of the intense pain of the transformation. But, when he checked her emotions using their mind link, he was surprised to see that the emotion she had was...

'Extremely Happy?' Moby thought with a small hint of surprise.


"You have no idea how much this all means to me… This is a miracle! I told you that I have been stuck at this power level for a few months now and it has finally risen by a substantial amount! I am now at a power level of 9120 instead of 7540! To be honest, I had many doubts about if this was going to work. But, I decided to go through with it anyway. I am so extremely happy I decided to ask for your help."

"I had almost given up on myself, and my life… You have quite literally brought me back from the dead. You have given me renewed hope and a new reason to live! You are my saviour!"

"I had promised you that I would be willing to do anything for you if you got me past my bottleneck and that is not a lie."

"But, please! Allow me to be your servant! You are the one that saved me! My life belongs to you! I would never have it if it weren't for you! It would be an honour to work for my saviour! My only condition is that you help me take revenge on my family. I hope you can understand..." Abby said while still crying, sniffling through almost every word. Yet she somehow still sounded very serious at the same time.

Moby just stood there listening to Abby's words trying his best to hide his shocked expression behind his poker face.

He thought that he was going to be the one telling her that she will be his servant for life. But, instead, she offered to be one herself.

Jayden was standing behind him seemingly even more shocked than he was.

Moby had told her about Abby's past and her thirst for revenge through their mind link during his taxi drive to her house, but she never thought that she would be so... fanatic.

Moby took a few seconds to regain his composure before replying to what Abby just said, repeating his previous speech that was interrupted.


"Congratulations! You are now a demon! To be exact, you are now a demon necromancer. I will introduce myself to you once again. But this time I will tell you the whole truth. I am Moby Kane, the future demon lord."

"I'm a demon!! And you are the future demon lord!!" She exclaimed in surprise.

"Yes, I have turned you into my demon servant. I have the ability to control you however I see fit with but a simple command,"

"Jump!" Moby ordered.

As soon she heard Moby's command, she felt like her legs were moving all by themselves. She stood up and did a short jump like she was ordered to.

"I promise to not abuse my power on you as long as you stay loyal. I have the ability to take away all your powers and cripple you, or even easier, I can just order you to take your own life."

"I promise to help you get revenge on your sister and your family as long as you stay loyal to me."

"Abby Ried, I welcome you to my great demon household, The House of The Blissful Demon," Moby said with a smile.

"Oh great demon lord! I pledge my undying loyalty to you! I would never in a million years even consider betraying you! You are my saviour! I am so grateful to you for accepting my request of helping me with my revenge. You have no idea how much that means to me… Thank you for considering my feelings when you said that you wish to not abuse your power on me. But, like I said, my life now belongs to you! Feel free to order me however you see fit!" Abby said with a firm resolve.

"I promise it is fine… I'm not that kind of person. As long as you behave and show no signs of betrayal then I won't force you to do anything. The only exception is if there is an emergency," Moby said rubbing the back of his head.

"Allow me to break both my arms right now as to prove myself to you! It is the least I could do to prove my undying loyalty! I promise I will never betray you! I will be your sword and shield to defeat anyone that you deem as an enemy my lord!"

Abby lifted one of her arms and performed a chop aiming for her other arm with the intent of breaking it.

However, her hands abruptly stopped before her time connected.

Moby held her arm, holding her back from harming herself.

"It is fine! You don't need to do all that!" Moby said with a smile.

"Oh! I am so sorry my lord! I didn't know! I thank you so much for your mercy and benevolence!" She said kneeling so hard, visible cracks can be seen on the ground.

'Fuck me! I thought having a fanatic as a servant would be cool but it's turning out to be more annoying than I thought! I need to teach her how to lighten up more!' Moby thought.

"Please raise your head…" Moby said, still smiling.

"Yes, my lord! She said, instantly raising her head and looking straight at Moby.

"Is everything you have told me today the truth, and do you have any ulterior motives for wishing to be my servant," Moby asked, making an order.

At this point, Moby was 99% sure that she has been saying the truth the entire time. But, he still needed to ask the question.

It's better to be safe than sorry.

"Yes, everything that I have told you today was the complete truth. I did not lie to you even once, I can assure you that my lord! I have no ulterior motives for wanting to be your servant. I just simply want to serve my saviour and future demon lord! As for proof of my previous torture, I can show you the big scar on my stomach and back for proof of my words. There are deep red burn scars all over my body, my face was the only thing that was not scared for reasons that I don't know." Abby said with confidence.

She lifted her shirt to expose her stomach to show Moby her scar.

"See?" She said with a confident voice pointing at her stomach.

"What are you pointing at?" Moby asked with a laugh.

All that Moby and Jayden can see is Abby's chiselled six-pack which made both of them laugh.

"You don't have to worry about that anymore! Demons have better natural regeneration than humans! Scars and no longer scars! Scars like those can be easily healed with some time! When you transformed, your whole body changed. A demon's body is far stronger than a human's and has many other perks as well. That is what allowed you to overcome your bottleneck. Replacing your old weak body with a new demon one." Moby said with a smile.

Suddenly, tears started rolling down Abby's face once again.

"My loyalty and gratitude to my Lord have just gotten even deeper." She said, kneeling down.

'How is that even possible?? And is that even a good thing?' Moby thought, in turmoil.

"Those scars still burnt and hurt me to this day. I would always have trouble lying down or going to sleep because of the intense pain the scars inflicted me whenever anything touches them. But, now, thanks to you my lord, that problem is no more. I will be able to finally have my first good night's sleep in many years. A feeling and an experience I have long forgotten or even hoped to ever have again. I'm so sorry, I can't even put into proper words how much everything you have done really means to me." She said, still crying and kneeling on one knee.

"I promise it was no big deal…" Moby said rubbing, the back of his head in embarrassment.

Moby has never been praised to this extent for as long as he could remember. It was a completely new experience for him. He didn't quite know how to handle it properly which annoyed him to no end.

'I need to make her loosen up at least a little and stop acting so seriously all the time. If she acts like this the whole time I'm around her, I'm going to lose my mind!' Moby thought.

"Demons really are an amazing species. I am so happy you turned me into one my lord! You mentioned that I am a demon necromancer. What is that exactly?" Abby asked, with eyes brimming with curiosity.

"Well… a demon necromancer is…"

'Quick! Avilia! Please tell me what a demon necromancer is and their skills and such.' Moby asked Avilia with a slightly panicked voice.

'Sure thing!'

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'A demon necromancer is an evolved form of a lesser demon necromancer. They are a very rare type of demon being just as rare as a doppelganger.'

'They specialize in necromancy which is death magic used to summon and raise undead creatures. Demon necromancers are able to summon spirit undead such as Ghosts, banshees and Wraiths while also being able to summon regular undead like Skeletons, Zombies, Ghouls, Vampires, Liches and much more! They don't have to be humans but can be animals and magical beasts as well.'

'Lower level undead such as Skeletons and Zombies have really low intelligence while the more powerful like Vampires, Liches, and Wraiths are much more intelligent. To summon an undead you must first need a body, or, to complete certain requirements such as when trying to summon higher-level undead spirits.'

'A lesser demon necromancer is able to control a maximum of 10 spaces worth of undead at a time while a regular demon necromancer is able to summon up to at least 20 spaces worth of undead.'

'The undead needs demon energy to be summoned. The higher level the undead you are trying to summon, the more demon energy will be required to summon it. Once summoned, the undead will not require any other demon energy and will last forever, or until their master lets them go.'

'Demon necromancers themselves are usually weak, as they mostly utilize their minions to do the fighting as they try to hide or stay on the sidelines. Usually, when facing a necromancer, people try to ignore the minions and try to take out the master. Once the master is dead, then all the undead will simply disintegrate.'

'However, this Abby girl is by no means weak at all! Her fire ability makes her a formidable foe even without any minions, which covers the major weakness necromancers usually have.'

'She might be one of the only demon necromancers I've ever seen that will probably fight alongside their summons instead of spectating from the sidelines.'

'Demon necromancers also know various other moves related to death and many other details and tips that I will leave out for you to discover on your own!' Avilia explained.

After hearing Avilia's explanation, Moby could not help but feel really happy and excited.

He listened very carefully to everything Avilia told him and relayed it to Abby, putting it into his own words.

"That is so overpowered! Thank you so much for blessing me with this amazing power! I promise that I will use my new power to help you achieve your goals! I will not let you down my lord!" Abby said, still on one knee staring at Moby with a smile.



I just realized that I have not yet shown Moby's new stats after completing his revenge quest on Nathan. I just added it to a previous chapter and I will post it here for now. sorry about that.


Name: Moby Kane

Race: Lesser Demon

Level: 21

XP to next level 0/10000

Power Level: 4400

Hp: 120/120

Demon Energy: 110/110

Demon Energy regeneration: 55 Demon Energy/Hour

Strength: 121

Agility: 136

Endurance: 73

Intelligence: 110

Mind: 30

Available Points to distribute: 0


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