The Grandmaster's Rebirth
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The Grandmaster's Rebirth


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What is The Grandmaster's Rebirth

The Grandmaster's Rebirth is a popular web novel written by the author Mel_Aniv, covering CULTIVATION, FANTASY, MAGIC, ACADEMY, WFP32ACADEMY, ACTION, ADVENTURE, REBIRTH, YOUTH, WFP32, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 52.1K readers with an average rating of 4.82/5 and 65 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 32 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


WFP# 32–Academy! GOLD TIER WINNER! The Kingdom Of Almaria was the last hope of humanity. With the forces of evil that have made their way towards all the Kingdoms, only the Almaria Kingdom remains. Protected by the barrier of the heroes' sacrifices, the enemies haven't made their way towards them. With the survivors of the attacks of the Demons, they built a multi-racial Kingdom and made an Academy, training the youths for the future. The Glory Academy that consists of Ranger, Holy Knight, Chaos Knight, Rogue, Fighter, Ronin, Paladin, and, Mage. The other class were elusive and only taught their class to their clan inheritors like Lycan, Druids, and, Necromancers. With our protagonist Stephen, he trains to be a strong person someday. With just the basics of fighting, he was getting stronger by training his muscles. Let us witness the story of a kid on his path of saving the world he resides in. Photo not mine, credits to the owner! No copyright infringement intended. Copyright does not belong to mine.

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Hi! Author here! I say this novel was the remake of my very first one. I was very inspired when I wrote this book and I underestimated my work since then. But now that I've matured, I can say it was the most outstanding work of mine compared to the rest. While I edit it, I was amazed at how amazing it was. Making my former self, my most inspired time or should I say my Golden years. This novel has a good story that it got me chills when I reread it. I hope you will vote with power stones to my novel for a chance to win. Your support is badly needed for me. All in all, have a great day!


I know this is a story for the competition on Academy and wow... the author brought his A-Game! There are loads of characters and magic and great dialogue and descriptions. It is hard not to be immersed in this story and it is packed with lots of great genres into one novel. If you like fantasy, magic, supernatural, relatability, and immersion- I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!


A well written fantasy novel. The grammar is of top quality, the characters are well designed, the world building is on point and the story is captivating. Well done, author.


Great story! The world-building is very very well done and the characters are interesting and well developed. The writing is also very clean and focused.


title seems misleading so far, no rebirth reincarnation, or anything of the sort. word usage and grammar are decent but could still use a lot of editing


Am only a few chapters in but this is amazing. The world buliding is great and the writing quality is top notch. Pacing seems a bit fast but am guessing it's just for the first few chapters. Good Job author


I love some fantasy novels! your story is great. storyline is interesting and very at the point and I like that plots are clearly written and help to imagine whole alternate reality. All the best and good luck.


I like the story!! it's very constructed from the arc, characters, even the storyline so far is really easy to follow. This is one of many novels that I love to read!! Keep your hard work, Dear Author!![img=recommend]


The writing quality for this book is pretty decent. Though there seems to be some tenses problems going on here and there. The detailing of it is pretty much the better of it. Good volume in emotions and detailing. Stability of updates are a tad wonky. Sometimes taking a few days then suddenly an amp of continuous ones, which can bwork out for its levels of details. Story developement is pretty stable. Slowly developing an interesting world with the characters having their own individual participation in their own views and motives. Same goes for the character developement. The world background for now is pretty slim but it will soon slowly increase, no doubt about it. Keep up the good work Author!


WoW, man. I should call you senior. you have multiple novels going on and still, write another one with a good and interesting premise. I only got two "Mysterious Symbols" and "Crystal Feather" and yet things are trying to get out of hand. This is a very good story. I recommend it to everyone.


Excellent story! Style is very simple to read. Usage of words is easy to understand, author has done a good job in explaining the different divisions (classes) in the world. Good Job!


The very good story plot and it caught my interest keep it up author, more updates to come. Good character setups, more ink to your pen author-nim great job <3


I love for this novel! this among the few books I found interesting. It's plotline is unique and gets you hooked, I especially like the ML of the story. The author really took his time coming up with good characters. Kudos author. Really look forward to your updates xxx!


This is my favorite genre. Chances of me not liking it are low, and the user writes well. Most important thing for novels in this genre is to be clear and precise, this task, author accomplishes with panache. Recommended it to read for others.. I will keep reading!


The story itself has great potential, and the patchwork is all there. The placement of dialogue, inner monologue, and descriptions is all very well done. That being said, however, the writing style needs a bit of work. The tense is all over the place. There have been instances in which it changed between past, present, and future within a single paragraph. I suggest that you take the time to fix this before moving on.


wow! The book is well written and true to your words, your grammar is a lot better than mines. Books about reincarnation are currently my favourite and your's totally up to my taste. best of luck 💜


Interesting read! Love the pace of the story, definitely worth a read. Very easy to read and the story is always moving forward. Recommend people to give this a read!


A very straightforward novel. The premise is simple and easy to understand. Parts of the novel are engaging with the actions scenes. However I think there's a tad bit too much of telling for the characters as well as the world itself. Long story short, there needs to be glimpses of showing so it paints a better picture for the audience in terms of characters, who they are, what they look like, ad how action scenes play out. I can see the potetial of this story. It's just the writing style that needs more work. Many like the fight scenes or the introduction of characters could be shown instead of told. There's nothing wrong with going straight to the point, I think there shouldn't be too much of "straight to the point storytelling." But overall, it's enjoyable. Keep on writing author.


I have always been amazed by those who bring this kind of story to its reader, coz you gonna need a bunch of imagination to build the character and described how their looks like. The chapter about beauty and the beast shows me the ability of the author to present the reader with an unexpected turnover...


Nice writing. U have great imagination author. With constant update, i think this story will be amazing. The story is also very creative. It's very well written. Good job👍😊


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