53 The spear is not for him

Cordelia's face darkened. She did not expect Arad to know the answer because she thought that he was new to the class.

"Did you repeat the class boy?", she asked Arad as he was leaving, a last ditch attempt to save face.

"No professor, I joined school for the first time yesterday, so I did some light reading of the textbook."

Cordelia felt as if she fell in a hole. She shook herself, and continued the class, but she did not have the confidence that she had entered with anymore. Liu Feng slept through the class, but she did not bother with him, as she did not want another sudden miracle like Arad's to happen.

After the class, Liu Feng took Arad with him to the self defence class.

"What weapon do you want to use Arad? You can learn it."

"Anything cousin? Then can I learn the bow? My parents never let me anywhere near me, and would hit me everytime I did."

"Do whatever. This is the self defence class, so you can try however much you want, but just don't show your draconic strength. Do how much everyone else is doing, and practice how much ever you want later."

"Yes cousin.", Arad said, and followed Amelia to the archery class. Amelia frowned, because she knew that Arad was Liu Feng's lackey, and she thought that he sent Arad after her. She went to the archery class, and took a bow. Arad went immediately to the teacher and explained his situation.

The teacher nodded, and allowed him to join, and Arad joined the class. The archery class did have about five people, excluding Arad and Amelia, so it was the third most popular weapon.

Meanwhile in the spear training area,

"Did you practise anything yesterday boy?"

"No teacher. Because of yesterday's incident, I was not able to come out."

"Idiot! If I was in your position and went through the same experience, then I would definitely practise a hundred times more, but that would just be zero for you right boy? No dedication, no interest. You are the worst student I got. Thank god I will be done with you in a few days."

Liu Feng smiled bitterly. He did not know that Yue Zhifeng thought of him that unfavorably.

They started the class with the basic strokes again, and Yue Zhifeng completed demonstrating all the basic strokes, and Liu Feng started practising them.

Yue Zhifeng sat on the side spectating. Next to him, an old man appeared. "Is he any good?"

"You should give a reminder instead of just popping by next time onwards. As for this kid, he is pretty good. He has the body for the spear, but he is definitely not a genius. He is slightly above average. The spear might not be for him. He does not love it himself. We shall see how he turns out, but I am sure that the person that I am looking for is someone else. Now shoo. I have a student to teach and I don't want any disturbances."

Liu Feng glanced at the old man who arrived and disappeared like a ghost and was curious. He stopped to ask Yue Zhifeng, but he replied, "None of your business. Now continue your practice. You are not getting it right. Want to fight? Getting beat up is the right way to learn."

Liu Feng took up the fighting position, and got ready, but the bell rang all of a sudden.

Yue Zhifeng sighed and said, "Pity we couldn't fight. My body was aching for a fight, one sided or not. Well, go on, or that idiot Francis will come for my head.

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