52 Hazing of the new boy

The next morning,

Liu Feng woke up properly and got ready. He went to the magic theory class. When he entered, there seemed to be a crowd gathering around someone, and they were shouting. Liu Feng went over to take a look, and then laughed, seeing Arad getting asked questions.

"Oh right! He doesn't have his papers."

Liu Feng quickly pulled him out of the crowd. Arad knew that it was Liu Feng, and did not resist. The other students protested though.

"What is with you commoner? Looks like you are friends with the new kid? Don't hog him all for yourself. My friends want to get to know him a little better."

"Forgive me. My cousin is a bit shy in public gatherings and he gets threatened easily when people like you flock near him. He will get used to you slowly, but please give him time. For now, he will stay with me due to those reasons."

Arad nodded, and they sat to the side.

Professor Cordelia entered right after the bell rang, and she immediately noticed Liu Feng.

"I thought you ran away because I scolded you, but it looks like you stayed. Why didn't you come yesterday then?"

"I slept in professor."

Cordelia's face twitched. "Slept in? For my class? Well, you will fail anyways so why should I care. People like you can't even get thirty percentage in the papers I make. This year, you will be expelled, or repeating the year."

Liu Feng just smiled.

Cordelia then looked at Arad. "Fresh blood eh? Pity you have to sit next to him. Why don't you come to the front? He's a bad influence after all."

"Forgive me professor, but he is-"

"I wasn't talking to you. He can tell me that himself."

Liu Feng looked at Arad and nodded. He took a seat while Arad just looked at Cordelia with burning eyes. Cordelia felt as if she fell into the abyss, and that she was going to die. In a flash, she fell down on the ground, back to consciousness. She looked at the rest of the class, who were laughing, and coldly at Arad. She then left them and started her class.

Liu Feng asked Arad, "If you have any problem with the content you have to learn, then ask me."

"Yes cousin, but I have already read the magic theory class textbook that I received yesterday. I thought that we were supposed to. I think I won't have a problem with this."

Cordelia saw them talking, and threw the chalk in her hand at Arad. Arad turned around and caught it with his left hand. He got up and asked, "Yes professor? What is the reason for attacking us?"

"Well since you guys are experts in the topic, why don't you, the new boy not you Liu Feng, come down and tell us all how a magical contract is formed."

Arad nodded, and came down to the front of the class. He faced the students and started speaking, "The magical contract between elves and spirits is formed through a series of three trials which are conducted in the spirit realm. The spirits choose whether to choose an elf to give their powers or not. Is that all professor?"

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