49 Arad

"Good! Very Good! If there is no cousin outside the gates, you will really regret coming to the academy."

Liu Feng led Li Zhang to the entrance, and there stood Arad. Liu Feng nodded at him, and said, "Professor, this is my cousin. He arrived late, because his parents were still deciding whether to admit him or not. Because I suggested to them that the academy was a good place, they agreed to send him."

Li Zhang was truly surprised that there truly was a cousin waiting for Liu Feng. He scoffed and told Liu Feng to complete all the procedures. Liu Feng took Arad to the admissions building. On the way, he told Arad, "Remember, you must never call me master. Call me cousin. Always be near me during the classes. I need to make sure that you are accustomed to the human world. I am sure that the people will ask you a few questions, so I will tell you how to answer them."

"Yes master. I mean, ``Yes cousin."

"Good. Now let's get you in the academy."

Liu Feng registered Arad into the academy as a first year student. He also specifically asked to put him in the same classes, as he had a few problems with socializing. The person in charge took pity, and agreed to Liu Feng's request. He even was placed in the same dorm block as Liu Feng.

Liu Feng took Arad to the dorm, and took him to his own room first. He took him to his desk and started writing a few paragraphs.

"Do you know how to read?"

"Yes cousin. I was bored last decade so I tried the human language. I have perfected it."

"Good, but keep your voice down. It won't be good if others hear you. But where are those three idiots? Never mind. Now use this script that I gave you for all your questions. Learn what I wrote here, because this is your life now, I wrote down a few basic etiquette that you must follow."

"Yes cousin. I will do that."

"You are taking this surprisingly with ease Liu Feng. I am impressed.", Pyrus' voice came forward.

"Well, this is what you call occupational hazard. But what was it about him saying something to you. Let me ask him.", Liu Feng suddenly remembered. He asked Arad.

"I have been tasked with finding the master and keeping him safe until he reaches the eighth order. By today's standards, that would be the sixteenth magic circle. And I have also been tasked to report to the King of Fire, Lord Pyrus, and tell him that the dragons will serve the master's kingdom as the kingdom of fire if needed, because we are in urgent need of fire magic. Demons have made an appearance in the far west. We have barely defended, but the contract still stands, and the dragons hope that Lord Pyrus holds true to it."

Liu Feng was shocked. Demons again. What he feared really came true. The continent was going to go into turmoil, and it was essential that he get stronger. Liu Feng could heat Pyrus speaking out loud for Arad to hear now,

"The demons have come back? That is indeed troubling. We will get back to the spirit's council.As for your powers, you can have them as long as you go to that city that Liu Feng put. What was it called? Dilheim, yes. Send them a message to go to Dilheim to get their powers back. As for you little child, here you go. I wonder why the elder dragons sent a small child though?"

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