The Goddess that was a mistake
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The Goddess that was a mistake


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What is The Goddess that was a mistake

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A centuries old spell slowly begins to come undone. A spiral of events, and a cascade of magic unfurl in an ancient land of Deserts, Oases, and Pyramids. A young woman named Riya finds herself in an ancient Egyptian Civilization, stumbling through life as a newly born deity. In her previous life she was once a young man, but now she is celebrated as a Goddess of fertility, childbirth and Lettuce. This is surely a mistake….. She never liked Lettuce.

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Calling all Egyptian enthusiasts! One of the rare Egyptian novels on the highly eastern populated novel site! Discover many familiar in name Egyptian gods and goddesses and their strange antics while facing the silly protagonist. Warning: The story contains many puns, so you might laugh your heart out. Grammars pretty good and the story's really unique.


The story is a pure comedy. MC, or probably, author is very humorous. Set that aside, the writing is solid and phrases are nicely worded. I know it's still early to judge, but I think the story is a gem, given the mass release in the first day, I can feel that the author will ensure the stability of updates in the future, which should be one of the noteworthy characteristics of this novel.


Very well written! A hilarious predicament for the main character. You have a flair for the absurd that reminds me a little of Terry Pratchett, a god in my personal pantheon. Clearly Riya should have been mind wiped before his/her reincarnation. I don't yet know where this story will lead, but you have me wanting to find out.


This was brilliant and so well written, can't wait for next chapter! Also love Abdo's character, pure comedy, good job author keep it up..............


Very funny story with an interesting idea and theme! It has a lot of potential and I think i might have found a new Gem. hopefully the author will constantly update.


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If you are looking for a light-hearted novel, with a large serving of humor and a dash of the absurd, then look no further. The writing is superb and I am really looking forward to seeing where you go with this


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