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What is The God of Supremacy

Read The God of Supremacy fanfiction written by the author Ryu_Morgan on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering romance, action, adventure, reincarnation, r18. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Shiba Tatsuya is a Marine in the American Military, after coming home from a deployment. When Tatsuya comes home he finds out that things are not as they seem. While pondering the choices that he has made, Tatsuya is hit and killed by a truck. All things considered Tatsuya should have died but instead he is sent to the world of DxD because certain Goddess felt pity for Tatsuya. Follow Tatsuya as he gain a new body, a new life, and a new name? Hey guys this is my first time writing so it may m=not be the best but please bear with me and help me become a better author to give you guys better things to read. Thank you!!!!


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Im kind of biased but i hope you guys will support me in my effort to make a great story. If there are any ways you want me to tweak the story or and changes you want me to make to the plot make sure you guys leave a comment


*sigh* I knew it. You call my story a **** but yours were also bad. I admit, the betrayal scene is good. But if you want to make it more sadder than it should've been, you could've read some Fanfic's on Wattpad about betreyals. But instead, you rushed it up. Even though your work is a bit of messy, I'll appreciate to see the MC grow strong(if you wanted to). Not just some op from the start MC. I admit, having assassination experience were good, but can you assassinate someone who's powered levels were shits? But as an author like you, I gave you more stars that you gave me. I feel the struggles of an author, so keep up and read more fanfictions(system one or not) to gain more inspiration. Remember. A story don't start with great power. If then, author/writer's block would stop you and make your work be hated.


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