The God of All Realms Starts With Harry Potter Book

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The God of All Realms Starts With Harry Potter


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In Harry Potter, he defeated Voldemort, supported the Minister of Magic, and became the leader of a new generation of white wizards. In A Song of Ice and Fire, he founded the Church of the Dragon God to rule Westeros in the name of God. In Type-Moon, he ended the Age of Gods as Emperor of Qin and took charge of Alaya. In World of Warcraft, he is the leader of the Alliance, Orc Buster, and the new leader of Draenor. This is the story of a traveler who came to another world and became a mage. This is a story in which a wizard uses his wisdom and power to reach the apex of the worlds. ——————————————————————————— The original work is from here https://wap.faloo.com/625496.html The author is Dragon and Dharma


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