The God King Become A Mortal Again!
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The God King Become A Mortal Again!


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What is The God King Become A Mortal Again!

Read The God King Become A Mortal Again! novel written by the author RogueAkon on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Eastern Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, reincarnation, cultivation, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Warning: [Read The Chapters Ahead from 41. *Chapter 1: Unfortunate Quality. *Chapter 15: Low Quality. *Chapter 25: Average Quality. *Chpter 41: Semi Good Quality.] Ye Chen was a normal college student 21 years old, average-looking boy. One day when he trying to help the roadside dogs to cross the road carefully. But he got in an accident and die. When he was wake again an old-looking man told him. ["You have chosen to become a god and you have to come with me."] Ye Chen didn't know what's going on when he comes to his senses again everything was normal but the old man was in front of him. He then later open a portal and Ye Chen jumped into the portal that was in front of him. When he comes out of the portal he was transferred to another world that was much different from his world. There were dragons and other different types of beasts were flying in the sky running on the ground. The world looking very beautiful. Similar to Ye Chen watched on T.V's or some fantasy movies. When he comes to this fantasy world he began to live in the Yunmeng sect that was the branch sect of the Yunlang Sect in the Yan Continent. What was the real motive of the old man who caught Ye Chen and bring him to another world? Is Ye Chen is in big trouble? What are they hiding from him what is their real goal? Will Ye Chen be able to protect him against their schemes. Is Ye Chen also have some secrets to hide? What is the real identity of Ye Chen other than being a lazy guy? Is he surrounded by some dark secrets? To uncover that please read "The God King become A Mortal Again!" Support My Work On; Patreon: www.patreon.com/RogueAkon PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/rogueakon Ko-Fi: Ko-fi.com/rogueakon Thank You.


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So hello guys RogueAkon Here. I know many of you guys talking about the bad quality of the novel. Well, it is after all. So I also want to say you guys the problem is my language. I'm not very proficient in English even is it not my secondary language either far as tertiary I think. so of course the chapters I was writing were at are very basic level, maybe lower than that. But I want to say to you guys I was trying to improve myself with the chapters I was writing. Even sometimes I have to use a machine translater to add my words in a reliable format. Still, I hope, you guys can join the journey with me to the end of the story, and support me on the way. And the big Thank you to the readers who are reading my novel. And I'm very sorry for my poor writing skills as well, hope it can improve with the upcoming new chapters. Again thank you for your support and Have a Nice Day by the way. Let's meet at the new chapters then. I think!


la historia parece interesante en general se ve bien pero le hace faltan ciertos retoques: - la escritura no es muy fluida o cómoda para leer - en los inicios no hay un desarrollo logico, falta el cuestionamiento interno del mc acerca de porque fue elegido, incluso si la razon sea por aleatorio, me hace dudar si el mc es muy ingenuo o es estúpido?, luego no se explica muy bien porque termino en la secta, uno se hace una idea por la sinopsis pero no esta claro, ademas parece que el mc de la nada sabe artes marciales?, incluso si le dieron las tecnicas al ingresar hablando lógicamente un humano del mundo moderno no puede solo ver unas imágenes(no se explica cuando lo aprendio) y ya saber ejecutar los movimientos, eso solo es logico en los mundos marciales porque tienen una base y lo ven muy seguido - como se ve le mc?, después de un tiempo si lo mencionan un poco pero no hay una idea muy clara de su apariencia ya como algo personal su personalidad no es apta para el mundo del cultivo, pero supongo que eso mejorara con el desarrollo de la historia, se espera . esta es mi opinión para el autor, de pronto le sirva


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