The GlitchThe Glitch

The Glitch

by Einvee

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What if one day, you can just swap gender identities on your own. What if you would get a glamorous young girl's body, then with a moment's notice, you can change it back to your own male's body? What if I told you I've come across a great software that would enable me to do that? Initially, I didn't believe in that crap, but hey, this is the 30th century, and everything is possible! At the very least, it is even possible to live in a virtual environment. Let me tell you my story about how I became an adorable and sassy woman from an ordinary hunk and a stiff-necked guy to get a totally different being inside me to emerge upon opening an undeletable app once installed. Really, this is quite a trouble you know. Who would have thought that I would enjoy this circumstance in my life? Would you like to try?

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