1 Agharta

The Earth was hollow and Agharta was not what it seems to be.

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Agharta was a mystery, a theory when I was young that angels and humans live in another world inside of Earth.

I often defy that statement with Science but still the wonder of it seems to overpower our logic.

Since the discovery and admitted statement of Dr. Flo, Agharta was a hot topic for the mass.

Videos has been leaked and the government was struck by a huge dilemma which made them take necessary actions to stop the people.

The world was at total confusion and many would flock to the south Arctic circles of the Earth even when the government tried its best to block it and address the issue with talks, a lot of talks that covered up almost all the channels on our television.

I back then was just a teenager that has that habit to go out at midnight and stare at the beautiful sky especially the moon. The fact that the moon only has borrowed beauty you can' deny its specialty and that is being flawed with craters and being weak borrowing light from the Sun.

I myself relate to the moon.

The warmth of my tears flowed on my cheeks "Moon" I mumbled.

I never thought I wouldn't see its wonderful sight and that scenery was not the only thing that was lost from me, even my memories.

They all died and me?

Why didn't I?

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