1 The Mysterious Girl

The wind blow was strong that time. Yeah that time when I meet the girl. The girl who change my whole life. The girl that came from the future.

"Wind blowing"

*Sighed* "Today obviously going to be a catastrophic day for me." I said to Myself while sighing

"My name is Hatake Seiji, I'm a first year at Yasahi Highschool. My dream is to be a scientist just like my father. My father Hatake Mirai Is a famous scientist on this world that everybody knew. My father have invent so many creation that help people for this past year. But unfortunately a couple month ago my father died because of illness. Before he died he told me to find someone to take care of me. Because he said that someday I need to find my own happiness. "But that father of mine he still think about my future even though he's dying. That is how he show that he care about me I guess." Seiji whispered to himself

"Hatake-kun..." "Hatake-kun...." A girl voiced called out to Seiji.

"S-Sonohara-san" Seiji snap out of his delusion about his father.

"Are you alright,I call your name a couple of time but you didn't respond and that makes me worried" Said Sonohara with a worried face.

"I-I'm a-alright" "I'm just thinking about my problems at home" Said Seiji Flustered

"Is that so? Then I hope you didn't think about it too much cause you need to take care of your own self next time" Said Sonohara.

"Now if we don't rush we will be late to school you know" Said Sonohara and start to run.

"Y-yes" replied Seiji

Sonohara Yuki is that girl name. She is My childhood friend. We are always together when we were kids. She's one of a genius at ourschool. Well her parent is also a genius and famous people so its not weird if she is a genius too . And right now I'm actually having feeling for Sonohara-san. It happen when we were still in middle school there is this girl that got bullied by the other girl. I only could watch them behind a wall not doing. Then a voice saying stop came from the hallway. There Sonohara-san came and rescue the girl." At that time I thought of her being so cool compared to my coward self I'm no match of her. And that also how I knew that I have fall in love with her.

"Well I already know that there is no way she is going to love me too. Being close to her like this is more than enough for me." Said Seiji

Then Seiji snap out of his delusion. The first thing he saw after snapping out of his delusion he saw a girl with a weird figure on the other side of the road. She has a blonde hair color and a pair of red eyes. Her clothes is also weird. Her clothes looks different. It looks like she came from a different time. The girl notice Seiji looking at her and she give Seiji a smile. That smile took Seiji by shock making him blushed. Seiji then hide his embarrassed face with his hand. Then he took another glimpse at the girl but she has already gone. " what a weird girl." Said Seiji under his breath. Seiji then arrive at his school. He almost late because thinking about his late father and the girl before but good thing he didn't really late for his school.

After School Seiji always took a long route from his house to clear his mind. On the way home he take a rest on a nearby park bench. Seiji is thinking about his father while looking at the sky. *bam* a loud voice that sound like someone just bumped into each other got Seiji attention. Looking at the situation Seiji see a couple of Highschool guy and a girl. Moreover the girl is the girl that Seiji found at the other side of the road. It looks like the girl just bumped to that tall guy. "Oi! You little shit now my clothes is dirty what are you going to do." Said the guy that she bumped into. "I-I'm s-sorry I d-didn't do it on purpose." Said the girl. "Wait a minute girl, what kind of clothes are you wearing, Ah don't tell me you are doing 'that kind of job' like serving us men." Said one of the tall guy friends

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" 'that kind of job'? What are you saying Roth?" Ask the tall guy confused

"well you know 'that job' 'that job' " replied his friends

"Oh! 'that job'." He said while looking at the girl with pervert eye.

Well miss I can forgive you but you know that you need to pay us with your body. Well looking a closer look at you, you're actually pretty cute." Said the guy while touching her face.

The girl looked terrified. I have to save her is what Seiji is thinking right now but he still doubt himself. He think that what thing he could do to help her. "Should I really help that girl. But what kind of thing could I do and in the first place why should I help a stranger. I don't know what to do." Said Seiji in his mind

Seiji look back to the girl and the guy. " They're taking her someway. Oh no if I didn't do anything now the girl will be take away by that guy" think Seiji. Seiji then remember that Sonohara-san said this when she save the girl "If you can't even help someone who is asking for help don't call yourself a person anymore."

Then Seiji took a run and took the girl hand and shout "Let's run." The girl and the guy were shocked by Seiji action. They stared running till they arrive an alley. *huff huff* "I think we have lost them." Said Seiji. "T-thank you." The girl said

"You're welcome, well even thought I think you shouldn't really thank me. Because I was hesitate onto helping you before." Said Seiji feeling guilty.

"But you did save me aren't you. To me you didn't hesitate at all. So please accept my thanks." Replied the girl. Seiji stay in silent for a moment and look at the girl face "I did a good thing for once" said Seiji to himself. "By the way what is your name." ask Seiji curious. "My name is Mera Violet. Seiji-san." Replied Mera.

"Mera Violet, what a beautiful name." said Seiji. "W-wait a minute how did you know my name" ask Seiji surprised. "That is because I'm here for you Seiji-san." Replied Mera. "For me, Why me" ask Seiji confused. "I'm here for one sole reason and that is to change your future" said Mera. Seiji started to look more confused "Change my future? Why would you do that." Seiji ask Mera with a serious tone "that is because in the near future you will die Seiji-san and I'm here to change it." Said Mera with a proud face. "In the near Future I'm going to die" said Seiji scared. "Yeup, You're going to die. You know" said Mera back answering Seiji question. At this time Seiji was shocked by the news that he is going to die in the near future and the girl in front of him is the one whose going to save his future

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