1 Empty Space

There once was a girl who was alone. Trapped by fate to always be alone. She spent her time wondering the endless empty space around her, wondering if there was anything beyond.

Silence. Within her empty space, there was nothing but silence. There was no chorus of the water droplets that fell. No song to the leaves that blew in the breeze, she didn't have the sound of the grass lightly crunching under her foot as she walked. She heard nothing. She saw nothing. Not the insects fluttering about, or the waves of the beach pulling back and forth.

Alone she was, every moment in time. No one to laugh with, and no one to hear the light laughter that never came out of her mouth. But even though she was alone, she never felt lonely. She never felt as though she needed someone next the her.

The Boy

Laughter rang out at the dinner table as the family of 3 sat down for dinner. Happiness was all around them, as if it was being drawn to them. The stars shown bright and clear, as though they too wanted to be apart of this family. The loving mother, the protector father, and the hard-working boy.

Sound. After dinner the family went outside to observe the world around them. The boy listened to the song of the leaves, and felt the soft caress of the wind. He could feel the green grass crunch under his feet, and saw as the birds flew back to their nests, calling for their lovers. He saw as the insects, big and small, chirped in the grass, and hummed in the trees. He saw, the beauty of the world around him, where there was no empty space.

"Mom!" the boy cried out as her sat in the grass. "Come look at the stars with me. Do you know that that group of stars is known for?"

"That group of stars is usually called, the big dipper. that is where all the stars go once they burn out." She replied.

And with that, they let the voices of nature do the rest of the talking for them.

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