2 Another Lonely Day

As the time began to pass in a space that seemed almost timeless, the girl began to wonder if there was something more out there in the place of nowhere. She wondered around the empty space, in hopes of finding something to make the space not so empty, and in hopes to get rid if this loneliness she felt. However, she knew that the chance of this happening was almost none, and as she expected, none is what she got.

The girl, tired and dissapointed wondered her way back to her dwelling hidden deeply within all of the nothingness. Once there, she began to think about what it would be like to be away from this nothingness, and to be apart of something that wasn't nothing. She wanted to feel, and explore, and learn, and experience a variety of different things. She wanted to know that she wasn't alone in all of this nothingness, and she wanted to know if there was something to this world of darkness.

But alas, as she expected, it was just another lonely day.

Giving up all hope she had, she slowly makes her way to the vast empty space she calls her bedroom, and lays on the lone piece of furniture, her bed. The only place she can make her imagination real life is in her dreams. Sometimes she will imagine vast areas filled with plants and flowers, and each flower will have a different color petal. However she knows its not real, for all she knows, flowers and colors don't exist, and it's just her imagination so he doesn't dwell on her thoughts.

"What is day, and what is night?" the girl asks to no one. "What is time and what are minutes?" she asks again. "What is love and what is loneliness?" she asks these three questions hoping for someone to call out to her and explain the meaning of things. maybe hoping to make a friend along the way. "Friends, what are friends?" Yet another question, that she knows will never be answered.

She feels her eyes start to close and realises that it's the darkness trying to take over once again. And so she does what anyone omwpuld do when trapped inside a pit of emptiness. She let's the darkness take over.