1 The Red Dress (first Story).

I was new in this city and the only thing that I was carrying with me was an address of Mrs. Malloway and an old bag, Mrs. Malloway had a shop once in my village therefore I know her very well. She is like my mother to me.

I remember when I was at the station I asked a girl about her address, she was smiling so much but she finally told me the address. I came from the lonely way to the silent home. The door was open and the I found that it was too dark inside that I hardly saw the chair, I screamed "Mrs. Malloway, Are you here?". No one replied it seems like someone has left this home a couple of years ago. I screamed again. This time a lady named "Linda" came down from the stairs and she asked me "Are you Max?". I asked "How do you know and who are you?". She said " leave it, Do you have any beggage with you let me carry it". She took my bag and requested me to follow her. I stalk her and I asked her "Where is Mrs. Malloway?". She said "She will meet you in the evening till then you relaxed". I was quiet. The room was decorated as it was for me but I didn't tell to Mrs. Malloway that I was coming. How does Linda know about my name. I was surprised. I was here because Mrs. Malloway wanted to talk me about a very personal topic. I got her letter in my village, In the evening time I met with Mrs. Malloway she was so cruel now in the city her behavior was changed. She asked me "Do you want to get marry?". I replied " I don't think I am ready for it". She said on Sunday you have to see a girl. She insisted a lot so I was agreed. I thought that I would say no after talking with her.

In the morning of the Sunday I was ready I had my breakfast and I was about to go, There were many things in my mind because maybe I was so curious. So I reached there but she was not there. I was living in this city alone so I went alone but I was expecting her that she should definitely come with her family members. but at excatly 10:00 A.M she came. she was looking beautiful with that red dress, I welcomed her she had the gentle behaviour. things were going well she asked me about my family I gave her answers. then she asked me about the hill, I replied "yes this is so nice view from here." I asked her about her qualification and she was silent. It was too strange that she didn't give any answer of my question. She was staring at the tree which was nearby the hedges. I asked her "Do you like that tree?" She was gazing as she never gazed before, now it was peculiar. she asked me "What if someone commit suicide here?". I replied "What do you mean?". She was quiet staring at me I was quite also and I said " Yea! It would be horrible". She asked me "Do you want to try it?". I Said " Wha wha what?". stuttering. let's try it once.

Actually I remember some work to do so I have to go, She was still staring at me. I was quiet I couldn't move, I don't know what happened with me. it seems that she tied me up. She said me I will show you how we can do that. I tried to stop her no! no! you don't need to do that. but she hanged herself I was just staring at her. I felt she died but I was quite she attempted suicide in front of me and I couldn't move. I don't know what happened. on the very next day someone asked me in my office that what I was doing alone in that Hill for a long time.

Grumble to yourself

They were laughing, ha ha ha ha.