1 The GIRL before the ONE.

"Can someone please explain to me, If I'm the only one? or may there's someone out there who felt the same as me."

"Because why do I feel like I'm always 'THE GIRL BEFORE THE ONE"?

"The girl before the one; The girl, or girlfriend of the the guy, then after breaking up, the guy will meet "THE ONE."

"Because I notice, that every ex-boyfriend I had. After breaking up with me, will end up with someone, either announcing their engagement , or expecting a baby.

"WAIT!!!! ... Why on earth is this happening?"

It's like I'm a free trial, before his happily ever after!

"How did my EXES managed to move on with their lives, when they left me traumatized?"

"I mean.... Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for them. BUT I HOPE ME TOO!!!!"


"I have everything now, the house and savings are enough for me to enjoy my life before 30 but...

"I'm Still alone."

"So I decided to file a leave to travel, and enjoy myself but then this happened!


"F$#@&$#-@!!!!! Don't touch me!" I screamed but the 3 guys infront of me, declare themselves as my husbands!!!


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