The Giant Who Travels Through the Martial Arts World Book

novel - Fantasy

The Giant Who Travels Through the Martial Arts World


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Li Feng gets the chance that many would envy: to embark on the path of transcendence, to become a superior being, to become a giant! He will embrace this chance and will not hesitate to do any evil to become stronger and achieve eternity. Known as the Butcher of Worlds, he consumes and kills men, women, and children. A bottom line? Morality? Love? Friendship? Compared to the prospect of eternal life, all things are worthless. Li Feng has only one desire, and he will realize it no matter the cost, even if it means surrendering his humanity to achieve it. PS: If you dislike dark books, skip this novel. Finally, there is no form of love, which means no female protagonist or even mistresses or friends/companions. He doesn't need others to share his glory. Join this discord : discord.gg/rawnovelcommunity (If you want to have the first updates and find plenty of dark novels)