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The Ghoul ascendant


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Your standard man witch runs a small shop no family no friends nor lovers all alone in this dark world with his only light being manga, anime, and novels is taken to God by Truck-nim God informs him that his small shop will one day save a lot of people in the world so he got a lot of karma points and grants him 4 wishes and a chance to reincarnate What will happen to our MC? Is he gonna become OP and scale the heavens while overturning the hells, making him the world MC or is he gonna remain a side character who will be forgotten in the flow of time Douluo do *I kinda robed no plundered MysticalPotatos idea but in all honesty, he probably dropped that novel so don't hold it against me* *I don't own Tokyo ghoul, Douluo you and all the other novel/anime/manga/manhawa...* *This is a side project I am doing so no stability of updates and my English sucks I am warning you beforehand*