74 Conducting the Choir

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After around ten minutes, Zhu Xiaofei had been thoroughly beaten by the girls in the English Language major. His hair was disheveled, and his clothes were a mess, and he looked like a copy of 'Brother Sharp,' the famous Chinese beggar. Seeming as if he were about to cry, he returned to stand in his original position.

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Xiao Luo redeemed the musical talent ability, and his senses underwent a dramatic change.

"Ding! Musical talent allows the host to quickly acquire a high standard of musical ability, including but not limited to proficiency playing musical instruments, songwriting, the ability to conduct a band or choir, and so on," sounded the system notification in his mind.

Xiao Luo began to regret accepting Chu Yunxiong's assignment. If he'd known that the Genius System without Equal was so ridiculously powerful, he would not have to come to Huaye to attend boring classes. With his musical talent alone, he could have made a fortune writing songs..

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