The genius reincarnated? AS A GIRL!? WHAT!!
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The genius reincarnated? AS A GIRL!? WHAT!!



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What is The genius reincarnated? AS A GIRL!? WHAT!!

Read The genius reincarnated? AS A GIRL!? WHAT!! novel written by the author I_am_Jungshook on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering adventure, reincarnation, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The famous, world wide 'Genius.' known for being excellent in everything you can imagine. Arts, science, math, cooking, physical stuff (???) everything. but when his brother backstabs him and steals his experiments that hes been working on for the past 3 years, he gets ignored. people praising his brother instead of him. when he tried telling people his brother stole his work, they criticized him for being jelly of his younger brother. eventually, the world forgot about him. when you mentioned the name Abraham, you would think of Jake Abraham, the Guy who changed the world with technology. The younger brother of The 'Genius'. but people forgot he had a brother and instead acknowledged him as an only child. when Lucas finally decided to end his life, his vision grew dark and he felt cold all over. when he felt nothing, heard nothing, and saw nothing, a little bun came into his vision. 'Are you ready for your new life?' the little bun asked. 'new... life...? would that mean i could live all over again?' 'of course. but for some reasons, we cant put you back into your previous world. instead, you would go to world just like earth. actually, it IS earth. but in a different universe. you ready?' '... of course...' when Lucas saw light engulfing his spirit, the little bun spoke once again. ' i forgot. you're a girl now.' *HIATUS* (even though it hasn’t even started Lol) i made this in the spur of the moment and i then realized i am not smart at alll so i probably cant write a book about a genius. (Oof)


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