40 040: She's mine even if she's dead

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Dong Yuetong's words deeply triggered Z.

He was already a bad-tempered person, but at this moment, he was like Satan who came back to life. The immense rage that could be seen from both his eyes was like a deep black hole that had no light.

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As the murderous intention grew, Dong Yuetong realized that she had made a mistake and immediately dodged.

She may be quick, but Z was much faster.

Dong Yuetong had no other choice but to keep her soft side and fight Z.

She had grown up alongside Saka. Although she wasn't as good as Saka, she'd already learned all the basics of the technique of the inner Qi. Dong Xuetong's fighting ability was even better than Xue Jinyuan's.

At least when she was fighting Z, she could still fight him for a few rounds and wasn't sent flying immediately.

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