1 The Beginning

Long ago

When humanity was still in its infancy

Two primordial gods




Overlooked mankind

both feeling that they were the only one who knew what was best for humanity

When both gods were tired of each other's interference in their plans

they came together

& made a deal

If one of them could permanently satisfy humanity

then they are their rightful god

Order came first

providing a utopia for mankind

uniting them under separate

but equal fields of thought



prosperity reigned for many millenniums until

the last generation of the era rebelled against the utopia destroying the very paradise order had brought them

Under the rubble was a golden apple

planted by chaos that

upon discovery

would forever captivate whoever had it

The apple was greatly desired


& fought after

Mankind deemed it many things

A gift from god

A fruit from the devil





& in the end

brought every civilization it was in to its downfall

The two gods would then argue for all of time how they served mankind's needs better than the other

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