1 Love At First Sight

Keira covered her mouth and yawned for the umpteenth time.

She was bored to death, listening to one long speech after another. She hated ceremonies like this that felt endless and inescapable.

Her father insisted on her attending the honoring ceremony for the soldiers, who had lost their lives during the terrorist bombing of a military base: the very same terrorists, responsible for the continuous bombing in their region.

"Stop yawning," her mother whispered into her ear. She sat beside Keira, to make sure that she would behave properly.

Keira rolled her eyes. It was impossible to stop yawning. If these speeches continued, she was worried that she would fall asleep. Would her mother ask to stop snoring, too?

Her face was stiff the whole time she followed her mom as she resisted the urge to yawn. Her parents were quite clear: no more black card for a month if she tried to run away. She couldn't live without those black card!

With a hidden, wireless earphone she turned the Bluetooth of her phone on and scrolled through her song playlist, trying to find a song to fight her boredom. But before she could find a good-enough song to play, her stomach grumbled, catching her mother's attention.

Her mother rolled her eyes at her and gave her a nod. Keira just smiled with great appreciation in response.

She quickly stood up and happily went to look for the nearest restroom.

Her eyes furrowed at the sight of the 'Cleaning in Progress' sign on the women's restroom door.

Below the sign, a crumpled placard hung, which said to use the bathroom upstairs: a bathroom that seemed a bit too far for Keira to reach in her current state.

The grumbling of her stomach intensified and she had a difficult time holding it in any longer.

She looked sideways before she hurriedly went inside the men's restroom. When she confirmed that there was no one inside, she locked the door and released all the impurities inside her stomach.

'What the hell had she eaten this morning that her stomach ached like this? Oops!' she gasped when a loud fart burst out, followed by the thing that was responsible for her stomach ache.

Then, she heard the voices of men, outside the door. "General Lim why are you outside?" asked one of the men.

"Go, use the other restroom." The so-called General Lim commanded in a cold tone instead of answering the question.

After about two minutes, she heard another man say, "Is the restroom not available Sir?" Then, she heard the so-called General Lim answer again, "Go and use the restroom upstairs instead."

Keira almost lost all the air out of her body, as her palms became cold.

"Gosh, this is so embarrassing!" she thought silently. Thank goodness that a certain General Lim was shooing other men, who were supposed to use that restroom.

She immediately ended her ritual inside the restroom, fixed herself, and quickly went out.

Outside, she saw a tall, young man, wearing a general's uniform, just like her dad. Keira felt a bolt of lightning strike her body. His impact on her was so strong that she stared at him with her glittering eyes.

He was expressionless when he spoke, "Don't you know that this place and event are for soldiers, so you should expect that most men will have to go inside that restroom every now and then."

Keira was still out of her mind, while she continued staring at the man, with eyes full of admiration. He was so handsome in his general's outfit, very masculine, and his face was perfect, just fitting to her taste.

'Gosh! My panty is going to drop in this instant!' she thought while her mouth was slightly opened, drooling at the handsome hunk before her.

His lips were red and looked very kissable, while the nose was perfectly curved and pointed, his eyes-she could almost melt in his deep gaze.

The man was oozing with sex appeal.

"Are you okay?" Zach asked irritably when he noticed that the girl just stared at him like he was a piece of meat.

Zach frowned and turned around to go inside the restroom instead. There's no point in talking to her since she seemed to be out of herself.

He was used to that kind of gazes from other women. However, he was surprised, because she was the first stunning woman, who looked at him like that.

What he meant was, compared to others: she was definitely on a higher level. With her aura and looks, the first thing that would come to one's mind was that she was a princess.

Keira snapped back to her senses when she saw the General entering the room.

She immediately said, "Wait, don't go inside yet!"

But it was too late since he was already inside. Keira's mouth twitched, seeing the General hurriedly coming out, with his hand covering his nose.

Keira smiled at him timidly and said, "I was about to stop you because the smell was surely still there. I am sorry. I had an unexpected stomach ache."

She was too embarrassed saying those words, so she slightly bowed her head, to hide her blushing face. When she heard no response, she raised her head up to look at him. However, the General was already gone.

Keira let out a wicked smile as she hurried back to her seat. She had met the man of her dreams. She had been struck by Cupid. That was what they called 'Love At First Sight'.

The host of the program was mentioning the names for recognition and special awards. Then, the name for the Medal of Valor was called. It was General Zacharias Lim, the youngest general of their country, the man of her dreams.

Keira was smiling widely while she clapped her hands in full excitement.

'Just wait, General Zach, I would definitely become your future Mrs. Lim.' she thought dreamily while she giggled on her seat. She was hopeful when she saw her dad hug General Zach for a long time at the stage.

She should start behaving herself from now on, so her dad would help her to achieve her new goal since it seemed like they were close to each other.


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