The General's Innocent Wife Book

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The General's Innocent Wife


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Note: I no longer plan to update this story as I do not have the motivation to continue it anymore, sorry (;_;) I called him to say how much I love him before I leave, before my last mission. But I didn't get to tell him because the moment he answered he said: "Let's divorce. I need someone better." I promised myself that I will come back alive after this, but I guess not anymore. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The moment I talked about the divorce I know I have to let her go. I need to do this to protect her. I never thought that I will be the one that will push her to danger. It's too late, I regret it. "I'll look for you, this time I will choose you over everything. I love you." ------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I wish I own his love." "I wish I let her see my love." ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry for the wrong grammar ^_^ English is not my first language. WARNING!!! This is a cliche dramatic story. Thank you and God Bless you all!! Ps. I do not own the cover, all rights belongs to the owner. I'll edit or change it some other time.


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