1 Where am I?

February 02, 2020, or that's what it should had been, but…

Why are there mud roads and people on horse passing by.

Where are the cars, and the people with their phones? There should be the sound of traffic, as everyone rushes to their work or to drop off their kids to school, but there isn't. there's no sound, there's no phone and there are no cars at all.

Let me tell you what there is, houses made of wood, a huge wall made from stones that are surrounding the village, no it should be a town.

But the biggest question is, what the hell am I doing here.

The last thing I can recall is me going to bed as I looked at the stars through the window, at my apartment.

The apartment I lived on was really tall so I didn't had any obstructions in my fields of view, that made it possible to stare at the starts with now worries at all, there is a down side though, if the elevator malfunctions then there is no other choice than to climb the stair, and these happens often.

But for the amount I must pay of rent I don't mind.


Well there is also a bright side to every dark side, I'm super fit, and I don't want to sound arrogant but I'm good looking.

Now the mystery, if I'm fit, and not ugly at all, why don't I have a girlfriend? I mean I have gone on some dates and I can see that there's some chemistry, but I have never been able to bring a girl to my apartment.

I mean, yes, they come when the elevator is broken, but it isn't that thought climb the stair, I just don't get it, halfway through they just turn around and leave.

I can see that they are red from the blush, and I get it, going into an apartment, with a guy as hot as me, can get someone excited, but I don't get it, they just leave.

Now, getting back to the topic at hand.


I never wish for a this, I did wish for a girlfriend but what does that have anything to do with been here.

I just woke up on a bed made at of wood with some sheet that could be made of metal since they where super heavy to be made from cotton.

All I need to do is figure out where is this place, and do something… I don't know, find something to eat.

A good thing is that I can understand the language they speak.

All I can heard is something about a "Knight" coming back, they seem to be happy, so I'm guessing that this "Knight" person is somehow related to this people, or at least threats them right by the way they are acting.

Let me get down there and see what information I can collect.

As I go out of the room I bump into a little girl, I'm guessing she is around 6 or 7

I was able to catch her before she fell, but what is a little girl doing outside of my room?

"Hey are you okay?"

"Yes, thank you, my mom told me that the breakfast is ready and that you should go before it runs out"


What, she is the daughter of the owner, and better yet do they know who I am?

"Little girl whe- "

"My name is Clara."

"Right, Clara can you tell me where I am, and do you know me?"

Clara made a confused face after hearing my questions.

After a few seconds she said.

"We are currently at the town of Zasin, the Eastern Region Border of the Gasol Empire. And I don't know mister, mister came in last night, and rented out the room, mister was talking and walking with his eyes close, my mom and I thought that mister was blind, sorry."

After she was done talking, she put her hand together and ask for forgiveness.

But how did all this happen???

Me walking into a hotel and asking for a room. I even payed!?

That doesn't make any sense at all.

After walking to the diner, I can see some people wearing armed plates like cosplaying as a knight but guessing from the surrounding I presume they are real knights.

For now, I'm just going to sit at the corner and wait for my food while processing everything that has happed.

As I was thinking a beautiful woman carrying a tray stops right in front of me, as I look up, I'm shock by the smile she had on her face.

It's a kind smile, one of those that only the people that are important to you give you, you can feel the warm that smile radiates.

"How was your sleep?"

Even her voice is warm.

"it was fine, thank you"

"I'm glad to hear that, here's your food, enjoy"

She placed the food on my table and was about to leave, but I asked…

"excuse me, Ms. What's your name?"

She turns around and said.

"My name is Esperanza"

If I'm not mistaken that means Hope in Spanish, what a fitting name just that vibe she has matches her name.

"Ms. Esperanza, by any chance I said anything last night? For example, where I'm from, or what I was doing?"

Esperanza started thinking and she said

"well the whole time you had your eyes close, so we thought you where blind, and I'm sorry for that, however you were indeed mumbling something about a start and a wish, you also said something about "The one" a couple of times."

As I heard what she said, it came to me.

I went to bed and since valentines is coming soon, as I was gazing into the stars one in particular started to shine brightly, at that moment I didn't find it strange, and I wished I could meet the one that's meant for me, my other half.

That's all I remember after I felled asleep.

That means that my wish had something to do with this situation.

In my stun state I was able to thank Ms. Esperanza, and just as she was walking away, I was able to ask one more question.

"Ms., Esperanza what's its todays date?"

She stopped and said

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"Today is the Second day, of the Second month, Year 3020"

I was stun I wasn't even able to thank her properly, as she left.