The GATE Academy Book

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The GATE Academy


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The Gifted And Talented Education Academy. In a fantastical world where legend and reality coexist, the GATE Academy shines as a beacon of inspiration. Located on the pacific island of Arcadia, the Academy serves as a safe haven for the "talented," or those of supernatural ability. Follow the story of Shizuo Akiro, a 16-year old protege, as he enters his junior year at the GATE Academy. Since a young age, he's known that life wasn't always going to go as planned, so when new and old powers arise to challenge society as it were, setting aside some time in the classroom wasn't going to be a problem. A fight fought alone would be unwise, but thankfully Shizuo's years at GATE has blessed him with faithful companions. With a powerful group of ragtag teens, Shizuo leads the charge against the greatest evil of their time. The journey ahead will be a struggle, an epic adventure with all lives on the line, but that does not scare Shizuo Akiro. In fact, it just makes it all the more worth the ride.


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