The Gap Between Us (Revamp) Book

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The Gap Between Us (Revamp)


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Seira Madriaga, a 19-year-old freshman university student who tries her best to lead a normal life despite being a scapegoat for his father's debts. Unfortunately, one rainy evening her supposedly normal life took a huge toll on her when her father's sudden disappearance left her with half a million in debt. Leaving her with no other choice but to seek a job to pay off what was left behind by her irresponsible father. Upon job hunting, she came across a novelist who was looking for a live-in housekeeper. With all living expenses free and well-offered salary, she took the offer without having second thoughts. Just when she thought that her life would return to its normal pace, she found out that her employer was a fine young 26-year-old man who happens to be a cold-hearted and emotionless person. Will she be able to lead a normal life while living under his wing? The Gap Between Us (Revamp, 2020) by saikii Disclaimer : This novel is written in taglish. Inspired by Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet.


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