1 Book 2's New Character's Who Are Part Of The Story

Paulie Zitto- He's a older man in his late 40's and has been friends with Rick Winslow ever since they was younger. He's like a uncle to Avery! He's a friend of the Winslow family! Paulie is a Mafia Boss, He's the one who trained Avery how to fight,he's the boss to Avery with her being an Assassin since he pays her for assassinations with his mafia and her gang.Paulie will later on become a 'Business' partner to Avery when she takes over as leader! Him and Rick do business together since they've partnered up with each other with his Mafia and Rick's & Avery's Gang The Wolves. He has an Adopted son named Derek. He pays off the police and owns two of the big police stations as the Zitto family & The Wolves pay the officers a great deal of money to look the other way! They also will buy whatever the Station needs so it keeps them all out of trouble.

Derek Zitto- He's 5'11" and he has sandy blonde hair,grey eyes,meduim built with muscles.He works out with Aleck,Nick,Liam and Zane, they train together too. He is Aleck's & Nick's teammate as he plays football with them.He's got his top right cartlidge pierced along with his nose,lip and both eyebrows done.He's got a Rattlesnake on his left arm,has a brown wolf with black eyes on his back and Aleck's name on his chest with his name right next to it all tattooed onto him.He is also Aleck's best friend and also in a relationship with Casey and is Aleck's boyfriend. He is bisexual and dating his best friend Aleck's girlfriend Casey since they share everything. He's part of Zitto's Mafia family and he keeps their secret.He knows about Aleck and Nick as well as their parents being gang memebers since they all do business together.

Zane Bateman- He's 6'2" athletic built of his body since he works out. He has brown hair,dark chocolatey eyes,dimples when he smiles. He has 2 eyebrow rings on the right side, and has a Rattlesnake wrapped around roses on his neck. He's part of The Snakes and The Wolves but undercover for one of them BUT it'll be explained later on! He has a odd relationship with Avery as they're 'Friends with benefits'.He moved back to the states from Moldova Russia.He was born in New York,New York but when he was 7 years old his mother's father got sick so both of his parents decided it wa best to move back to Moldova so they could take care of her parents.When he was 22 years Rick Winslow had found him then had him move with to Lansing,Michigan. His parents had met when his fathe was in Moldova,Russia on Spring break where they fell in love then married there in Moldova and then they moved to New York and remarried.His ex boyfriend is Samuel Baker but that will be explained more later on.He had met Sam in Russia and later on it is revealed that Zane's 'The Man" that Sam had been in love with, before he'd gotten married to Avery! He's Jakob's underboss for his 'Gang' this is alos later on explained.He met Avery from Jakob, he's scared of Avery's temper, as she has no emoitions when killing and knows how to turn her feelings off! He later on tells Jakob he's falling for Avery and Jakob already knew that he's fallen in love with her.

Abel 'Black'Frederickson- He's 6'2" and has blonde hair, green eyes,athletic buit and he has dimples.He's got 2 lip rings,nose,both eyebrows pierced. He's got alot of tattoos, there's a Black Rose on his neck,Rattlesnake on his left arm and a King Cobra going up his right arm,Love on his right knuckles and he has Black Stars on his chest. He is Jakob's older half-brother which is explained WAY LATER on along with their family SECRETS! He's the Boss of the 'Gang' Dead Stars! His 'Gang' is known for their Black Rose and Black Stars being tattooed on them, as well as leaving Black Roses as a 'Calling Card'! His mother tried to kill herself after their father divorced her,for his mistress and he'd gotten his mistress pregnant with Jakob and he later on married her. After his father hit her with a divorce she had went into depression , she had then killed herself. He is a lot of trouble, he used to live in Michigan years before now. He is nuts like big time crazy.When his father gave Jakob the 'Gang' half of the members went with him and then the other half went with Jakob! So his 'Gang' which later on revealed it's a Mafia! He has always been jealous of Jakob! Their father had gave Jakob the 'Family Business' which is the family 'Gang' and it should've went to him!

Liam McEldridge- He's 6'1"and he's got black hair,hazel eyes,athletic built.He works out with Nick,Aleck,Derek and Zane,BUT the four of them train together with Zane as well. He's got his nose,tongue and lip pierced.He has a King Cobra entangled in roses around his neck,a Rattlesnake on his chest and a light grey Wolf with brown eyes on his shoulder. He's a year older then Nick and Aleck and he had dropped out of High School. He had become part of Jakob's 'Gang' when there had been an attempted mugging but before Jakob could react he had jumped in, so Jakob had asked him if he wanted a job and then from there he had becom a Snake member. He's a natural in the Gang/Mafia world, he has become very trustworthy with Jakob! He's also one of the few members that Jakob trusts to become a Bodygaurd for Avery! He's in a relationship with Nick Which will be revealed LATER on! He was honest with Nick's parents about wanting to date him and they was both afraid that Nick's mom and dad would say no but shocked them when they said it was fine.

Lucy Arrow-She's 5'1" and has medium length black hair,grey eyes,medium length black hair,grey eyes,and she has a small figure,small breast, but she has a huge ass though.She'sgot her ears pierced and has a tattoo of a Rattlesnake as a tramp stamp. She's part of 'The Snakes Gang' and a soldier for the 'Gang'. She's a wild crazy woman and had a thing for Sam. She 's been keeping her eyes on him since she wants him,to be his woman and she knows that Sam's Avery's ex-husband and Avery is the Queen of The Snakes and married to Jakob who's the King/Boss of The Snakes. (LATER on this will be REVEALED!) She only wants Sam and nobody else and will LATER ON become his girlfriend?! (LATER on this will be REVEALED as either RIGHT or WRONG)

Samuel Baker- He goes by Sam, he's 6'1" and has dirty blonde hair,green eyes and has an athletic body from always working out and has a deep sexy voice. He is a shy person in front of people in public that he don't know.His family had only him so he has no siblings and he was spoiled rotten from his parents and got everything he wanted , since his family and him a rich as they're millioniare! He married his first love and Middle school Sweertheart Avery and he had a first love for a man as well but his family made him move back to Michigan from over seas!(Later on he gets tattoos) He has a a grey Wolf with blue eyes with a moon on his back and a grey Wolf on his arm, a long with a Rattlesnake on his other arm. He causes ALL HELL to break loose with EveryONE around him, BUT will he beable to fix it before it's TO LATE?? (He has a couple of SECRETS that gets EXPOSED LATER on)

Avery'Winslow'Baker Frederickson-She's 5'6" and has long dark brown hair,ocean blue eyes,dimple, full C cup breast and a nice round fat ass and shas a small stomach and has muscles BUT she's still very FEMININE as it don't make her look like a man and they go with her curves and figure very well.She has tattoos one of them is 'Tramp Stamp' it's a drak grey Wolf with red eyes and a moon and then 'Later on she gets" a Queen"King" Cobra with a crown and a Rattlesnake with roses right inbetween her shoulder blades.She has to have some muscles it will not make her look weak at all since she's a Soldier and an Assassin and she'll be a Boss/Leader/Queen and a Mafia boss(Later all will be revealed).Sam's parents had them get married since they had found out about his "Dirty Little Secret' about him being bisexual and the didn't mind getting married at all. She loves being an Assassin as she had to learn how to put her emoitions to the side along with her personal feelings,so she will always get the job done without feeeling anything!

Jakob Frederickson-He's 6'1"and has dark brown hair,dark brown eyes(that look black when he's pissed off!) and he's got a athletic body working out and training alot. He has a dep husky but sexy voice.He has a King Cobra with a crown wrapped around roses in the middle of his back. He is very protective over his family and only trust his underboss to be his wife's 'Bodyguard' and he also set him up with his wife a couple of different times. He's still in love with Avery but the 'Bodyguard' helps them out in a couple different ways like their sex life is AMAZING and she's happy and that makes him very happy.He's still the CEO of his company and he's the Boss/Leader/King of his 'Gang' that he had gotten from his father. His father passed down the 'Family Buiness' to him years ago!His family and himare all billioniares and he's married to a millioniare and he knows that his wife actually loves him and didn't marry him for his money! He has some secrets that are going to be exposed and hopes that it will not destroy his marriage anymore then what trouble he's in already so he's not that "Innocent". (The problems that is happening between him and his wife will be revealed later)

Rose Frederickson-She's 5'5" and she's a mixture of both of her parents in her looks.She has long dark brown hair,dark brown eyes,dimples,decent B cup breast and a round small butt and she's skinny but has decent size muscles for a girl just like her mother! She wors out with her family and in cheerleading. She's kind hearted and very sweet,thinks of everyone else before herself. She didn't learn about the "Family Business'/SECRETS and who her parents & brothers was until a couple of years later untill after her siblings had found out.She's not that interested in the 'Family Business' since she's more interested in college! She had gotten a tattoo of a Rattlesnake wrapped around roses with a heart with J.F. in it since it's her father's intials and she looks up to him and he's her favorite and she was his little girl & princess! Her named her Rose after the family cresent and also because Roses are one of her mother's favorite flowers!

Aleck Baker- He's 6'0" and he takes after his father with his looks as he looks just like Sam but the only difference between them is for his eyes. He's got dirty blonde hair,ocean blue eyes, an athletic body from playing football and working out with his family and with his teammates! He's also being trained still a little bit with being a 'Gang' member. he is in his mother's & granfather's gang The Wolves and also a a member in his dad Jakob's 'Gang'. He kept his father's SECRET ( Will be explained LATER).He has his mother's temper and he's bisexual. He's in a realtionship with his best friend Derek and his girlfriend Casey,who's also dating Derek. He don't care that Casey's in a relationship with him and Derek since they share everything with each other!His boyfriend knows about his,Nick's and their parent's SECRET since his father is a Mafia Boss and he's also part of the Mafia as well! He 's got a Rattlesnake and King Cobra entangled with each other with the roses wrapped around them and the Black Wolf with grey eyes, that is tattooed on his back. He has his mother's temper and he'll do whatevr he has to when it comes to protecting his family,everyone he cares about, friends, and whoever he is in arelationship with! He's 2 minutes older then Nick and he got a white Mustang for his 16th birthday that has an awesome system in it. He's parents got him his Mustang and his brother Nick's Mustang!

Angelika Baker- She goes by either Angelika or Angel. She's tall like her brother and father,has long dirty blonde hair,ocean blue eyes,dimples andshe's very skinny and has muscles from working out with her family and also works out and training along with her couch and the other cheerleaers. She works out with her brothers more then anyone else at home just about everyday. She looks more like her mother then her father, and she has her mother's temper as well! She has a grey Wolf and roses wrapped around a Rattlesnake with S.B. beside the Rattlesnake for her father Samuel Baker since she loves him and even though she hardly knows much about him,she keeps all the pictures of her mother and father. She follows in her parents foot steps with being in the 'Family Business' since she loves thrill from it!

Nick Frederickson- He's 6'0" and looks just like his father Jakob with his dark brown hair and his atheltic body from playing football and working out with his family and working out with his teammates.He got his ocean blue eyes and dimples from his mother along with his temper. He will protect his family,friends,whoever he cares about and whoever he's in a relationship with.He is very protective over the females in his family. He's in a relationship with Liam(WILL be REVEALED LATER on!)and he has a couple different tattoos on his back. His first tattoo is in the middle of his back and is is a King Cobra with a Rattlesnake entangled with rose, and the second one is right in between his shoulder blades its a Black Wolf with grey eyes.(will be REVEALED LATER on!) He got green Mustang for his 16th birthday and it has a awesome system in it, him and his brother Aleck both had gotten a Mustang for their car on their 16th birthday but they got the ones that they had showed Zane and he had told their parents which ones they wanted. So they both was suprised on their birthday! He is part of his mother's Gang and his father's 'Gang' and he will take over his father's 'Gang' after he turns 18 years old. He met Liam from his father since he is part of his fatheer's 'Gang' and a bodyguard.He was born two minutes after Aleck.He is also very protective over ALL of the females in his family like his mom and 2 sisters, Angel and Rose.

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