The Gangster's Men: The Lies Continue(BOOK 2) Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The Gangster's Men: The Lies Continue(BOOK 2)


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This is Book 2 & Sequel of Book 1: The Gangster's Men! THIS STORY COMES WITH ALOT OF EXPLICIT CONTENT/MATURE/ADULT THEMES! SO THIS BOOK HAS ALOT OF WARNINGS! **WARNINGS** ONLY 18+ ,RATED R ,EROTICA! {EXPLICIT LANGUAGE, EXPLICIT VIOLENCE, EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT} STRONGLY SUGGEST 18 + & PARENTAL ADVISORY!THIS STORY WILL CONTAIN MAJOR ADULT THEMES, BISEXUAL COUPLES, LOVE, GANGS/MAFIAS, GRAPHIC CONTENT! BDSM,VIOLENCE; MURDER,ALCOHOL,DRUGS! MUCH MUCH MORE! ALOT OF SHOCKING THINGS This still about Avery,Jakob and their children! It will still show the story from ALL of their point of views! So it's got some new characters but the people are from the past!There is going to be More DRAMA & A LOT of PROBLEMS as their PAST comes to light! Then ALL HELL STARTS TO BREAK LOOSE! ALL of the SECRETS & LIES & BETRAYAL & DRAMA & SO much MORE happens. What happens when Avery's EX comes back? WHAT could MAKE Jakob freak out and loose his mind? Will Avery & Jakob & EVERYONE else that is involved can they survive? Will RELATIONSHIPS survive? Avery's still in The Wolves and Jakob's Gangs name is revealed and another GANG comes in. A couple Mafia Bosses are introduced! Will EVERYONE live? Will Nick and Aleck get into trouble or be in a relationship with anyone? Will Angelika 'Angel' start dating? Will Rose be interested in dating when she becomes of age? What's going to happen when Lies and Secrets are Exposed? Who is the new characteers?Are they going to be bad?Or good? Or helpful?Or A new Lover? Or an Enemy? Is Avery going to Be OKAY? What was so BAD that it had caused Jakob to loose it? What happens when relationships fall apart? What will happen when Avery starts loosing her mind?


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