1 Chapter 0 -Introduction of the Characters

This is just a list of the characters and this is so you will know who they all are. I will add more further on in the story as they come in but only the important ones!Also some of the chapters will be in parts and some will be longer then others,some will be longer as the chapter has all of the parts. So they're not broken down.

♡Wife- Avery 'Winslow' Baker Frederickson -Who's Sam's wife,Girlfriend of Jakob, Daughter of Rick & Step Daughter of Una. She's 5'6" has long dark brown hair,ocean blue eyes,dimples, thick thighs,C cup breast,small belly.She muscles and they don't look bad on her at all as she's still very feminine! She has a dark grey wolf with red eyes with a moon as a tattoo on her lower back. She's also Aleck's,Nick's, Angelika's and Rose's mother. She gets married to Jakob later on.

♡Husband- Samuel Baker-Who's Avery's husband, Boyfriend of Jakob,Son of Mary &Jack.He's 6'1" and has dirty blonde hair,green eyes and he has an athletic body from working out. He has a deep sexy voice. He's got a son named Aleck Baker and Daughter named Angelika Baker. He also thinks of Nick & Rose Frederickson as his own children as well

♡Boyfriend- Jakob Frederickson- Who's Sam's & Avery's Boyfriend, Son of Liz.He's 6'1" and has brown hair,dark brown eyes they turn almost black when he's pissed off and he has an athletic body from working out and from training.He's got a husky but sexy voice. He also has a King Cobra with a crown that's wrapped around roses as a tattoo on his back.He's got a son named Nick Frederickson and Daughter Rose Frederickson. He thinks of Aleck & Angelika Baker as his own children as well.

♡Baker's Chauffeur- Alan Wiltflower He's been the Winslow chauffeur for years he also knows about the gang, he is the medic for them as well.He became a chauffeur for Avery and Sam after they got married

♡Baker's Maid- Liza Ortiz She's Been Avery's maid/nanny for her whole life and was the Winslows maid/ nanny for 15 years. She had left the Winslow residence and moved in with Avery and Sam after they got married.

♡Best Friend Of Avery- Christol Winters they've been best friends for 10 years. Also Jakob Frederickson's maid. Her husband and her are both part of Avery's families gang.

♡Mary Baker- Sam's mother who is high class and thinks highly of her son. Also Avery's Mother- In-Law.A member of the country club,chest and bingo.She has no issues with her son being bisexual. Also Jack Baker's wife.

♡Jackson Baker- He goes by Jack .Sam's father he's don't like his son being bisexual at all but deals with it and does not want anything to get out as it'll bring shame to the Baker's name. He also don't want to be judged by others so he has Sam keep his sexual life out of the public. He's a high-class man and is an important man.

♡Frederickson's Chauffeur- Louis Stand he's been with Jakob his whole life in the Frederickson family 25 years. His wife Martha is sick and they both live on Jakob's property.Mr.Louis also knows about Jakob's secret about him being a gang leader.

♡Una Winslow- Una's Avery's stepmother and they didn't get along for years as she is only 3 years older than Avery. Avery's father married Una shortly after her mother died. The way you pronounce Una's name is like Ana. She has twins with Rick later.

♡Richard Winslow-He goes by Rick. Rick is Avery's father. He got married to Una 2 months after Avery's mother passed away from breast cancer. He is also the gang leader and he's training Avery to take it over for when he retires so he is getting her ready as he'll give it to her when he retires. He has twins with Una later.

♡Elizabeth Canefield Frederickson-Liz is Jakob's mother and was the mistress to his father. She doesn't mind that her son is bisexual at all. She also knows that her ex-lover gave Jakob his gang years before he passed away and that he had Jakob trained.He took care of him even though he was married to another woman before he got married to her. She always put her son and his life first and has kept her and everyone else's secrets hidden.

♡Maggie White- Sam's girlfriend and also his secretary at his law firm and construction business. Was also Avery's girlfriend until Avery broke up with her. Will later on be revealed as Jakob's wife as no one knew since she kept her maiden name, never told anyone who her husband was.

♡Aleck Baker- He looks just like Sam with his dirty blonde short hair, and has ocean blue eyes that is just like his mother's but he's tall and he has an athletic body from playing football and working out. He also got his mothers temper as he will loose his temper when it comes down to family and his relationships.Aleck's the biological son to Sam & Avery and also the son to Jakob. He's the older brother Angelika and Rose but he's a minute older then Nick.

♡Nick Frederickson- He looks just like Jakob as he has dark brown buzzed cut hair, tall and he has an athletic body from playing football and working out with his family and everyday. He has ocean blue eyes and dimples just like his mother. He has a temper like his mother when it comes to his family and his relationships fas he'll protect them.Nick is the biological son to Jakob & Avery but he's also Sam's son.He's the older brother to Angelika and Rose but a minute younger than Aleck!

♡Angelika Baker- She looks more like her father then her mother. She has long dirty blonde hair, ocean blue eyes and dimples like her mother.She's very skinny and has muscles from working out with her family and her work outs with her coach and other cheerleaders.She does work out with her brothers everyday. She has a temper like her mother! She thinks that she has to get her way with any and everything. Angelika's the biological daughter to Sam & Avery but also a daughter to Jakob. She's the younger sister to Aleck and Nick but older sister to Rose.

♡Rose Frederickson- She's a mixture of both of her parents! She has long dark brown hair,dark brown eyes and she's skinny but has muscle, since she works out already. She always think of others before herself as she's caring. Rose is the biological daughter to Jakob & Avery but also daughter to Sam.She's the younger sister to Nick,Aleck and Angelika.

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