The Gangster's Men 'Book 1' Book

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The Gangster's Men 'Book 1'


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**WARNINGS** FOR 18 YEARS AND OLDER! THIS STORY IS RATED R ITS EROTICA, EXPLICIT LANGUAGE, EXPLICIT VIOLENCE, EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT. PARENTAL ADVISORY!! THIS STORY WILL CONTAIN MAJOR ADULT THEMES. BISEXUAL COUPLES, LOVE,GANGS,BDSM AND KILLING.BOOK1WILL BE UP FIRST THEN BOOK2 . If you like erotic stories, bisexual couples, threesomes, violence, Gangster's, Mafia's? Then this is the story is for you! WHILE READING YOU WILL SEE THE STORY FROM ALL 3 OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS POINT OF VIEW. This story is about Avery Winslow Baker. Avery and her husband Sam end up getting with a man named Jakob who is her boss.They have kids later on.This is a pretty good story it's about Betrayal, Love, Lies, Gangsters, Bisexual Men and a Woman.It's about the 3 of them and their lives.They're the main characters there's also their butlers/chauffeurs,maids and not to mention their parents, then later on their children. Avery's pretty much forced into marrying Sam but she doesn't mind because that is her middle school sweetheart, they've been in love ever since then even though they've broken up but they both still love each other.After a while they meet Jakob, they all get into a relationship together, they all have sex together. The story is going to be hot it's a erotic sex life between 2 men and 1 woman. It's about how they all have feelings 2one another. What will happen when 1 of the 3 falls for 1 of them more then the other? what kind of tragedy hits home with them? Can love conquer it all ? **AUTHORS NOTE** This is the first time I've ever written and posted over the story ! I love to write, so please do enjoy my book. Now this is book 1 of The Gangster's Men Series!when it's finished I will then do book2 as I am currently writing it right now. Each chapter will have (18+) on it. When Book 1 is completed I will be adding Book 2 of the series. I do know that I have made mistakes and there is some errors. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you for reading and saving my book's'.


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