The Gang leaders Son (Book 2) Book

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The Gang leaders Son (Book 2)


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Mariahlynn: Mariahlynn is an 18-year-old girl. She is a smart student who was the top of her class in everything. Whether it was sports or academic. The perfect child any parents could wish for. She falls in love with a bad boy who is the son of the most feared person in Australia, Chase The Ripper Grey, but her family history stands in the way of their relation. Kace: Only at 20, he's the hottest young adult in Australia. He is known for his handsome good looks, his golden skin and perfect jawline. He's training to run his fathers business when he turns 21. The son of the most feared person in Australia. He finds himself amused with a 5'3 shawty who is chocolate skinned and decides to have a taste of her. Once he has that first bite he got hooked. Two different people but they have somehow crossed paths without even knowing it. Can these two put their differences apart and let love bring them closer? Or is it all fake and for him to get his dick wet??


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