1 The Beginning

Darkness. Pure darkness was all that filled my vision. I had appeared here, no memories, no idea of who I was or where I was. I felt so empty, like I didn't exist.

"That's because you no longer do." Huh? That's wierd, I'm hearing a voice. I must be imagining things. Always knew I was batshit crazy. "You're not imagining me." "Whose there, who are you?" Then suddenly a bright light filled my vision, pure white light. When the light faded I saw her. Someone of pure beauty. Pure silver hair, a dress that was white, but had streaks of blue and pink running through it, and bright rainbow colored eyes."Why thank you." She heard that, she can read my mind can't she? "Why yes I can." "Well okay than, that's interesting, but why am i here?" "Simple, you died."...


"I said you died." " I know, it's just, wow, I died, how come I don't remeber any of it, my life that is?" "Oh sorry, give me a moment, memories often get lost during the process if death." She then snapped, and I started to remember everything. I was on my way to my friend's house, then a guy jumped out from an alley, said he wanted everything I had, I went to do defend myself, and he shot me, I died because some damn bastard wanted money, atleast I stabbed him, hope it fucking hurt ya you damned bastard.

I remembered more than that though, memories of me and my younger sister playing in the woods and finding snakes, playing video games with my dad and laughing as he kicked my ass in it, cooking and baking with my mom, playing dnd with my friends, all the scars from bullies and fights, all the surgeries from constant failures, and all the wrecks I had been in resulting in more surgeries, gardening with my grandma, the cuts, the depression, it all hurts. How would my family react to the news, my friends, how must they feel? "They were devastated." "What?" "Your friends and family, they were sad at the news of your passing, they mourn you."

I was having trouble processing all of it, so I sat there, I have no clue how long, but I had to, I couldn't not, I felt depressed. I sorted through my memories, I was able to piece my life together, when I was young, up til age 14 I was depressed and suicidal, then I remembered how my friends and families drug me into the light.

I was happy, I had people who had cared for me, but I was sad, I wouldn't get to see them. I started to cry, how could I not, my life was over, everything I ever knew of life was gone, pointless.

"It's not over."

"What do you mean?" "I mean that I have two options for you." "Tell me, can one of them allow me back to my family." "No, I'm sorry, as you have died, you can not go back." "Damn it, then what are my options?" "Your two options are either you go to the afterlife, or reincarnate into a new world with a power like no other." "How's the afterlife?" "Boring, you just become one part of a giant energy, you feel nothing." "Well then, what does option two entail?"

"This world is full of monsters, magic, weapons, and adventure. The power I'll give you is one you're familiar with, called The Gamer. "Really?" "Yes." "Then I'll take option two, but what is the catch?" "You must kill the Monster King." "Whose that?" "A beast of power how rules this bleak world, subjigating all those that he can." "I'll definetly take option two." "Good, now time for you to create your character." "Wait before you go, who are?" "Well one of my names is mother nature, but my original name, is Gaia." "Well, okay then." Then with that she was gone, and a screen appeared in front of my.

Character Creation


Eye color:

Skin color:

Hair color:




Along with a whole bunch of options, kinda reminded me of a Skyrim creation screen. So I filled it in.

Character Creation

Name: Kuro D. Lucifer

Eye color: One red one blue

Skin color: Light Tan

Hair color: Dark Brown

Age: 14

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 155

I made myself younger cause I figured it would be better to start of around that age, and I like One Piece a little too much okay, sue me.

Then another screen came up.

Level: 1

Hp: 300/300

Mp: 540/540

Mp regen: 32.4

Sp: 300/300 Sp regen: 60

Stregth: 10

Agility: 10

Vitality: 10

Dexterity: 10

Endurance: 10

Intelligence: 22

Wisdom: 18

Charisma: 3

stat points: 30

Okay, so I have points to mess around with, that's good. Then another screen popped up with an explanation of everything on it.

Level: What level you are, affected by experience

Hp: Health points, get 100 hundred every level, and 20 for every point in vitality, your life amount

Mp: Mana points, get 100 every level and 20 for every point in intelligence, used for skills

Mp regen: How fast your mana regenerates per minute, 5% starting base, extra 1% for every 10 wisdom

Sp: Stamina points, get 100 every level and 20 for every point in endurance, how long you can go

Sp regen: How fast your stamina regenerates, fixed at 20% per minute unless skills affect it

Strength: How physical strong you are, how much you can lift, throw, how hard you can punch, how long you can jump

Agility: How fast you are, pure speed

Vitality: How much healty you have, also helps to lower damage done, also affects alcohol tolerance

Dexterity: Reaction speed, hand eye coordination

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Endurance: How long you can do physical things

Intelligence: How much knowledge you hold

Wisdom: How well you can use your knowledge

Charisma: How well you persuade others, barter, intimidate, and decieve, partially affects how handsome you are

stat points: points used to raise stats, can be earned through leveling up or missions, you can't independently raise stats, however skills can be raised independently

Okay, kinda sucks I can't raise my stats independently, but whatever. Let's put some points here, and here, and here, done. Now the screen of my stats looked like this.

Lvl: 1

Hp: 400/400

Mp: 640/640

Mp regen: 44.8

Sp: 400/400

Sp regen: 80

Str: 15

Agi: 15

Vit: 15

Dex: 10

End: 15

Int: 27

Wis: 23

Cha: 3

stat points: 0

I had put 5 points in everything except charisma and dexterity. I'd worry about those two later. I planned on going for a Magical Swordsman build anyway, so for now Charisma wasn't to important, and dexterity could upgraded later. Now to finish and get to the new world.

Are you finished with

Character Creation?


Well then, let's go to this strange new world. I pressed yes and suddenly a rush of noise overwhelmed me and I passed out.

When I came to I saw a a dim light. My eyes adjusted and I saw that I was in a large room of a wooden cabin of some type, or so I assumed. "What the hell?" "Well, looks like you're finally awake." (Yes I made a Skyrim reference, again, sue me) I saw this older woman, long gray-purple hair, tan skin, wrinkled face, and a cane. "Who are you and where in the fresh hell am I?" "I'm Vera and you are in my home." "Why am I here?" "I found you in the forest on the ground while I was looking for some herbs." "Oh, well thank you very much." "You are welcome, now tell me, who are you and what were you doing in the forest all alone?" "I don't remember much, only that I'm Kuro D. Lucifer and I am going to kill the monster king." This caused the lady to chuckle. "You've lost your memory, but you somehow held onto an ambition like that, very interesting." "Is he finally awake darling?" This came from an older gentleman as he walked into the room through the door to my left. "Yes he's awake honey, and he doesn't remember a thing outside a name and an large ambition?" "Oh really, and what's that?" "To kill the Monster king," I said. He chuckled. "Well as interesting as that may be, I don't think your ready for that yet sonny." "Of course not, I have alot more training to do, and by the way, how did you get me in here, no offense but your both on the older side of the age scale." "That's quite all right dear, and me and my husband while old are both still triple S rank adventurers." "Please train me." "What?" "I said train me please, I have to get stronger so I can defeat the monster king, it's my purpose, I just know it is." I was on the ground head down bowing, two people that strong, they have to be the ones that train me, it would be a miracle if i found anyone else that strong to do that.


:o "What ya say?"

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