48 Chapter 48

Altair and his group managed to escape the zombies and were now safe, at least temporarily.

After meeting with Saya's mother, everyone headed towards the Takagi estate, and everyone was surprised as this base seemed to be extremely protected which gave the group a sense of security.

At this point, Altair was walking through the Takagi family base, and there he saw Saya arguing with her mother.

Again this... you always use this argument. I'm no longer a child, mother, and I know you've abandoned me, since...''

''Saya, it's not like you think, your father and I didn't go looking for you for a good reason...''

Altair wanted to continue on his way, but he knew that if he showed up he would probably be involved in this discussion and that's not something he would like to be involved in, so he just stood there watching from afar.

He just stood there leaning against a tree while looking at the discussion from afar, he even thought that, he looked like those ladies who like to hear gossip through the windows of their past life.

The sound of the argument soon subsided and Yuriko came out, she was startled to see Altair leaning against the tree but she quickly recovered and gave him a peaceful smile.

"Are you here to see Saya? Hmm... I don't know how I should say this...''

Altair noticed the tone she was using to speak to him, so he knew that she would probably ask for something involving Saya. And it didn't take long for him to figure out what Yuriko wanted.

''Hmm... You're a strong man, right? Although you are a bit arrogant, I believe you are a good person, otherwise my daughter wouldn't be hanging out with you, so I hope you can take care of my daughter when she is no longer here with us.''

Altair hearing what Yuriko said just shook his head and said, ''Wouldn't it be safer for her to stay with you? To be honest even I don't know where to go now...''

''That was also our thought initially, but as you can see, Saya is determined to go her own way, besides, even if this base seems safe on the surface, we still have many problems...'' Yuriko said with a certain regret at the end of her speech.

He could only agree with Yuriko's statement.

''Alright, I guarantee that I can take care of her safety, at least as long as I'm in their group, but I recommend that you talk to her best friend Takashi, I believe he can be even more helpful than me.''

''Hm, you're right, but Takashi is a bit hot-blooded, and he loses his temper sometimes very easily, but I'll still do as you say, and tell him, to protect my daughter, anyway, thank you very much.''

After saying that, Yuriko bowed toward Altair and left to find Takashi.

As soon as Yuriko left, a Saya with a not so good expression appeared in front of her, causing Altair to let out a slight giggle towards her.

''Looks like I'll have to take care of you, Saya-chan.'' Altair said in a sarcastic tone earning a fierce look from Saya as if she was about to bite him to and death.

''But seriously now... I don't intend to stay here for long, since I have something to do... Besides, I don't think this place will be safe for long.''

Altair's expression now was serious which is a stark contrast to his previous lines, even Saya who was about to bite him also became serious, she also knew that she couldn't stay here forever, and for that reason she argued with her own mother.

''Also, since you don't intend to stay here, then go warn the others that we will be leaving soon, there is no time to waste, I feel that if we stay here any longer, things might get complicated.'' Altair said as he waved his hands showing that he would like to be alone.

Saya nodded and headed towards where her friends were, she wanted to warn them to get ready to leave in advance.

Seeing that Saya was already far away, Altair walked back as he went into deep thought.


Three days have passed since the group arrived at the Takagi estate, and Altair had to say, he was a bit reluctant to leave here, since the place was extremely comfortable, but he knew that wouldn't last forever.

Besides, the group he brought to the Takagi estate and very large and difficult to control, so a lot of problems these past three days had arisen.

''It seems that soon, we will have to leave...''

And it was just as Altair was thinking, in the early afternoon, Saya's parents found him saying that they should leave. He didn't think much of it, since he had told the group to get ready to leave, so he soon took the humvee and left with his group.

Upon leaving the Takagi estate they immediately ran into zombies, causing Altair to have to get down from the car to deal with them, at first Shizuka offered to run over the zombies, but was promptly refused by Altair, after all, they only have this vehicle and should it be broken, they will be very fucked.

''Remember, we don't have much ammo left, besides with each battle they get smaller and smaller, so a good course of action for us right now is to find some police station so we can replenish our ammo stock.'' Saya said as she pushed on her glasses.

Altair shook his head and said, ''If there are not too many problems, then I alone can kill all the zombies that show up, but, I agree with your line, we should try to find some police station so we can replenish our ammo.''

Another problem they encountered was that there was not enough food, so they would have to quickly find Rei and Takashi's family, and if that doesn't work, then they could only set up some base to protect themselves and survive until a rescue team shows up.

Even if Altair doubts that a rescue team will show up, the same can't be said for the group behind him, which still had hopes for the government.

''If it is the worst case scenario and we run out of ammunition we will only be able to melee to help you and Saeko, don't forget that me, Kohta and Rei can also melee, and even if we are not as strong as you we can still be of help.'' Takashi said beating his chest.

Altair nodded and started running towards the zombies without much ado, the speed at which he was mowing down the zombies was much faster than before making the group surprised at this revelation.

''He gets stronger every day?'' Takashi commented a little surprised.

Saeko didn't answer that question, but her eyes were also shining at seeing someone she considers 'hers' so powerful.

Altair knew that with each passing day he was getting stronger, and this was due to the fact that every time he killed a zombie he would gain a small amount of strength, and even if it was a derisory amount it could still be stacked up.

He estimated that he had already killed more than 30,000 zombies, which was not a small number. Altair even thought that if humans gathered together in the right way, it would not be impossible to contain this apocalypse, in fact the chances of humans winning were very high, but unfortunately humans are a race that is very separated and only think of their own interests.

''It's not good to think about that now...'' Altair muttered as he continued cutting down the zombies that appeared in front of him.

[Congratulations host for completing a side mission]

[Kill 50,000 zombies]

- Rewards: 10,000 system points

Looking at the notification the system sent in his mind, Altair gave a big smile, at first he thought he had killed about 30,000 zombies, but who knew that 50,000 had already fallen on his spear.

''That system reward is really something...'' he thought.

Before he came to the Dungeon, he wondered if it was really worth it, after all, he was already strong enough in the world of DxD, but upon seeing the side quest reward all his previous thoughts disappeared.

''I hope there will be more side quests...''

With these thoughts, he killed the last zombie that came close to his group, causing everyone to breathe a sigh of relief to see that there were no more zombie hordes in the vicinity.

''We're leaving, come in Altair.'' Shizuka who was driving the humvee said as she stopped the car next to Altair.

''Alright, let's go!''


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